Feedback for cosmicish!

Dec 11, 2016

    1. I'd greatly appreciate feedback from those who have done business with me!
      Much thanks~! :chibi
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    2. I bought a pair of Iplehouse boots for my EID boy from cosmicish :)
      Communication was perfect and shipping as fast as a lightning. Cosmicish was always very kind and quick to respond. Tank you very much for this wonderful transaction, honey!
      Any time again!
    3. Bought a Leeke wig from Cosmicish. It arrived well-packaged and in great shape! Thanks again :)
    4. I sold a LTF faceplate to @cosmicish. She was very polite and upbeat through the whole transaction, great at communication, paid quickly, and let me know right away when the faceplate arrived a day early. Definitely an all-around five star seller!