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Feedback for Cosplaybunny

Jul 10, 2006

    1. Please leave feedback for any transactions(buying or selling:) ) you've had with me, I'd really appreciate it!:sumomo:
    2. Cosplaybunny bought a wig from me. Had good communication and paid quickly. Thank you!
    3. Bought a Belita head from Cosplaybunny. Good communication and as promised. Thank you!
    4. hey,

      I bought a DIM body from cosplaybunny in mid-December. It was shipped quickly and arrived promptly despite the Christmas rush. Excellent communication and quality goods---many thanks!
    5. Sold a pair of shoes to Cosplaybunny. Quick payment and good communication. Thanks very much!
    6. Bought a pair of gorgeous boots, they arrived quickly, thanks!
    7. I did faceup for Cosplaybunny's Bambicrony, and she was extremely understanding and patient when I couldn't get the faceup done in time due to schedule conflicts. She's amazing!
    8. Participated in a piggy-back order from DoD that Cosplaybunny started. She was very reasonable with payment options, and always pmed me about any problems or when something happened, like the order arrived, was sent out, etc. She is a very good person to do an order with, and I would definately do it again ^^
    9. Cosplaybunny is my queen of group orders!! I participated in a DoD order, and it was totally trouble free---she always kept me in the loop, and sent my head out to me as soon as she got it. BIG LOVE!!
    10. I was in the group order too! She shipped really fast and was very sweet^^
    11. Cosplaybunny sold me an msd carrier. She kept in touch and shipped it off promptly. Definitely a reliable seller! A+ :thumbup
    12. I had a bit of trouble with the transaction because of lack of communication but the issue was resolved and delays were explained to me (final exams at school) My DIM marianne arrived in great condition and I am very pleased with the end result of the sale~ Thank you~!
    13. Recently purchased a Juri head from Cosplaybunny and the transaction was smooth, shipping was fast and overall it was a fantastic transaction! Definitely recommended!
    14. Purchased a Vampire Elf Chiwoo head from Cosplaybunny good price, fast shipping, excellent communication. Recommended seller. :3 Definitely would do business again.
    15. Cosplaybunny purchased a Luts head from me, very good communication, quick payment. Thank you so much!
    16. Cosplaybunny bought a pair of boots from me, it was a pleasant, easy transaction. Very nice person to deal with. Thanks so much!
    17. I painted a head for Cosplaybunny, and the transaction was perfect! She was there to respond to my PMs daily, and paid promptly. She is about to send another head over, and I'm looking forward to it! :)
    18. Cosplaybunny bought a SD13 Volks Emma head from me. She asked for a week long layaway, and gave me a deposit right away. She also paid right when she said she would! She is great with communication and I hope to do business with her again soon!!
    19. I just bought an Elf Chiwoo head form her. He shipped very quickly, arrived very quickly and was well packed. She also very kindly allowed me to do layaway on the head, since I was a little close to broke at the time and wanted this head for my sister's birthday present.

      Great seller! I'd totally buy from her again :):aheartbea
    20. Cosplaybunny purchased my Emma body and paid right away. She kept in touch and let me know that it had arrived to her. Thank you so much.