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Feedback for Covenmouse

Apr 23, 2009

    1. Figured I should go ahead and make one XD
    2. Covenmouse purchased a pair of eyes from me and the transaction was wonderful. She paid quickly, let me know when they eyes arrived safe and sound, and was a joy to communicate with. :)
    3. Covenmouse purchased a pair of MSD punk style pants from me. She paid promptly and let me know when they arrived. She was wonderful to communicate with.

      Thank you :)
    4. Covenmouse bout some jeans from me the process was smooth and wonderful. I would definantly work with them again
    5. She bought a dress from me. Paid quick, good communication and very nice. ^^
    6. I sold some clothing to Covenmouse. Payment was swift--the transaction went super smooth.^^ I would do business again. :)
    7. Covenmouse bought some MSD shoes from me. She paid faster than icecream melts in Death Valley and was a pure pleasure to converse with. She let me know when the shoes got to her, saying that she liked them.

      One amazing buyer, she affirmed, nodding wisely:D
    8. Covenmouse commissioned a custom coloured fur wig from me. She was great at communicating what she wanted, prompt with payment, and notified me when the wig arrived. Reccommened buyer, thanks for a great transaction!
    9. Covenmouse bought some MSD-sized headphones from me. Payment was fast and they allerted me when the headphones arrived. Awesome buyer!
    10. Covenmouse bought some clothing from me and the transaction was wonderful, thank you~! :3
    11. Covenmouse bought a Puki Pipi, Piki Event Singing FP and extras from me. She was fantastic to communicate with. Very speedy with all her pms and very friendly. She sent her payment very quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone and would gladly do another transaction with her again. Thanks for a perfect transaction! :D
    12. Covenmouse bought a wig from me. The transaction was totally smooth. Thanks much. <3
    13. Covernmouse bought a pair of eyes from me. She paid promptly, the transaction was smooth all the time and she informed me when the eyes arrived too! :D thank you!!
    14. Covernmous purchase a Vkei Inspired Outfit. Payment received on time ^_^
    15. Covenmouse adopted my modded DZ Reiko. Communication was super-fast, and so was payment. Covenmouse is an awesome buyer and I would definitely sell to her again! Thanks for a great transaction! ^^
    16. Covenmouse bought a wig from me and the transaction was wonderful! Fast payment, great communications and she let me know when the item arrived. Thanks so much!
    17. Covenmouse bought some MSD Clothing from me great communication fast and easy payment.
    18. Covenmouse bought an MSD kimono from me. Quick payment and great communication :) Would love to do business with again.