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Feedback for CPorridge

Jan 4, 2011

    1. Hello~
      Please leave a little comment here and there~

      it's important for me to know how things went. *U* d

      Thank you.
    2. CPorridge participated in my Dollmore GO :D! She was awesome with payment, super friendly, and very organized <3

      Would welcome her in my GOs anytime!

    3. CPorridge bought a Switch Hahwa head from me. He was immediate in his payment and communicated well - all in all, a very satisfactory transaction and I can definitely recommend him!:)
    4. CP commissioned me to paint her LM Chloe head ^u^ The instructions were very clear and decisive, and she was wonderfully patient while waiting for me to finish my work. Payment was also prompt and I'd welcome her business anytime :>