Feedback for Creme Brulee

Jun 1, 2006

    1. I have bought items from Ecchan (3 times) and every transaction went perfect ^__^
    2. My transaction with ecchan went great! She was super patient while I learned how to use paypal, sent out the package with some delightful extras, and offered to refund shipping since the cost for it was under what was expected. I couldn't have asked for a better first time transaction! :)
    3. I also has a very smooth and nice transaction with ecchan!

    4. Smooth transaction and fast shipping, not to mention wonderful, cute clothes. ^^

      Ecchan is a pleasure to deal with.
    5. Once again ecchan was super to work with. Great quality outfit for low low price! Plus she updated me frequently on the status (which I consider a very good thing), and sent me extras with the final package! Next time I need a commission I will definitely ask ecchan first! :fangirl:
    6. Great transaction, went smoothly, and she told me everything I needed to know! Thanks!
    7. I ran a Dollmore group order and creme brulee was an excellent participant. Fast payment and good communication.
    8. Creme Brulee is fantastic. All my PMs were replied to swiftly, if not within an hour, definitely on the same day. She was extremely sweet, and the item I commissioned was amazing: I really love it :) The hoodie I commissioned was made and shipped extremely quickly and in safe packaging.

      She also included a free item just like it says in her commission thread. I think that everyone who commissions Creme should not be worried about any aspect of their tem, as it is likely to come out much better than you imagined in the first place, or at least in my case it happened like that

    9. You're in good hands if you comission Creme! She's super fantastic! Her sewing skills are superb and she sewed my comission perfectly! I sent her a drawing of an outfit I had imagined and she made it! It is exactly like my drawing! So eveyone should comission her! ^__^
      Plus she's fast too! 0_0 She sewed it and shipped it faster than I ever could've imagined!
      Thank you so so much Creme! I love you! ^__^
    10. The hat is awesome, thanks so much! Creme is an absolute pleasure to deal with and I wouldn't heistate buying anything from her in the future. Thanks again!
    11. I bought a carrier bag from her and it arrived safely! I'm very satified with the bag and the cute stuff inside X3

      And great person to keep in update with!
    12. I comissioned another outfit.....Better than the first! I'm so amazed at what Creme Brulee can do from a picture! Thank you! I love you! ^__^
    13. I sold my Kid Delf Cherry to Creme Brulee and the transaction was perfect. <3 I can't speak highly enough of her! She was very quick with answering PMs and was just a pleasure to sell to.
    14. I bought a pair of glass eyes and they came in perfect condition (along with a couple of dumdums)! Thank you! ^_^
    15. I commissioned an outfit, and it turned out great! Also included cute little bonus items.

      Thanks so much! :)
    16. Creme was great! I bought a body from her and it was my first purchase on the marketplace :). The tracking on usps website didn't update forever and I think she was already to march down the post office and demand an update for me if she didn't arrive soon. But she has and she is great! Thank you so much!
    17. i bought a pair of 16mm glass eyes from her and the morning she PMed me about the eyes being shipped last week... it arrived today! (talk about good luck!)


      and she gave me some cute little stuff~~
    18. she bought a minifee body from me, fast payment, no problems, friendly person, definitely recommended. thanks!
    19. I commissioned a totoro hoodie from creme brulee. She was very busy when I first contacted her, but at my request she kept my information. She stayed in regular contact with me and let me know as soon as she was ready to fill my request. She promptly shipped it out once it was complete.

      The hoodie is adorable and well-made. I had an all-around great experience and would definitely work with her again!