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Feedback For Crescent_P~

May 9, 2006

    1. My Feedback Thread

      People That I had Bought/Sold To &
      Had Awesome Transactions With Them
      FEEDBACK 2007
      Kyoru304 (Msd Clothes)
      Fishmemory (SD Clothes)
      Honeywithhorns (SD Shoes)
      KeiCai_Ayan (SD Shirt)
      Hitasura (Msd Shirts & Msd Rock)
      Aernath (Msd Shirt)
      ChocoMeijin (LeekeWorld Group Order)
      Sat (Volks Usa Group Order)
      Celticgeekess (Msd Wig)
      Mangorevolver (Sold Syo Head)
      PakouChan (MF Shiwoo)
      Hitasura (SD Shirt)
      MysteryAya (Luts Group Order)
      Snowleopard (Sold Juri06)
      WikedWigs (SD Fur Wig)
      Atrumpy (Sold DoC Body)
      Morbidollz (Faceup)
      KeiCai_Ayan (Msd Body)
      Solen (Sold Bee-A Head)
      Candied Kisses (Msd Clothes)
      Belladurmiente87 (L Shirt)
      WickedWigs (SD Fur Wig)
      LadyFeather (SD FMA Cosplay)
      Hitasura (SD & Msd Shirts)
      Rykaan (SD Shirt)
      Lindsayscorner (Yo-SD Shirts)
      Lugi-moo (SD Jumpsuit)
      Catdancer (Msd Shirt)
      Maudlincycle (Msd Shirts)
      Artemille (SD Vest)
      Verity (Msd Lolita Dress)
      Dodgerscrubs (Msd Clothes)
      Xberryjam (SD Shirt)
      Brightstar1008 (Msd Dress)
      Am (SD Shirt)
      Hitasura (SD Shirt)
      Balloon Molly (SD Dollheart Set)
      Wickedstitchery (SD Set)
      Vaith (SD & Msd Clothes)
      Tiarah (Msd Skirt)
      Silvia (Msd Shirt)
      Dodgerscrubs (Msd Vest)
      Yuki (Msd Wig)
      Whitebread (Yo-SD Shirt)
      Shiroi_yukiko (Msd Pj's)
      Wifey (Msd & SD Clothes)
      LordSesshoumaruSama (Msd Pants)
      Li Xue (Faceup Commission)
      Hitasura (Msd Shirts)
      Bern (Msd Umbrellas)
      Aernath (SD Jacket)
      Celticgeekess (Msd Shirt)
      PrincessAI436 (Msd Pants)
      TreeLore (Lati White Pury)
      Valentine (SD Cuff)
      Juno0602 (SD Pants)
      SDink (Faceup Commission)
      Whitebread (SD Hoddie)
      kuroneko (Msd Shirt)
      Hitasura (SD & Msd Shirts)
      LordSesshoumaruSama (HP Hoddie)
      EternalSerenity (Yo-SD Sleeping Bag)
      Li Xue (Faceup Commission)
      Laksinu (Sold NaNuRi07 Head)
      Dodgerscrubs (Msd Belt W/Pouch)
      Tsuli (Yo-SD Shirt & Bjd Pins)
      Maudlincycle (Msd Set)
      Miori (Msd Set & Shoes)
      Tsuli (Msd Overalls)
      Shan (Msd Cargo Shorts)
      Nezumitoo (Scar & Tattoo Commission)
      Enigmadoll (Tattoo Commission)
      Hisuida (Faceup Commission)
      Brighnasa (SD Coat & Tie)
      Blanki (Mystic Eyes Group Order)
      Hitasura (SD Shirt)
      Anya'sMom (Dress & Shoes)
      Lachlana (SD Pants)
      Kisaki_Kun (Arashi Head)
      Celticgeekess (Vambame Uniform)
      Kagari (Sold Mystic Eyes)
      Wickedstitchery (Pink Charity Set)

      ~FeedBack Pending~
      Wasabi (Sold Tenshi 3 Wings) Shipped

      ~Layaway With~
      Dondonmum~ Jun Tachibana
      Payments 4/5
      Fishy~Yo-Tenshi Body
      Payments 1/5
      Hakai~ Tenshi Wings
      Paymets 1/2
    2. FEEDBACK 2006

      Celticgeekess (Doll: Lady Sylive)
      Tsuyogari (Doll: Yder)
      Tsuminaki (SD Clothes Commission)
      SoleilCamui (MsdClothes)
      Dolly (SD Jeans)
      Lolly (White Wig)
      Wickedstitchery (SD Clothes Commisson)
      Bittenbefore (SD Clothes)
      Pansy (VolksUs Group Order)
      Azurielle (SD Coat)
      Blladurmiente87 (Doll: Yo-SD Piccolo)
      KeiCai_Ayan (SD Jeans)
      Buegirlwish (SD Boho Pants)
      Ksita (Hairstar) (Wigs)
      Fzndaqiri (Yo-SD Clothes Commission)
      Lady Brick (White Wig)
      MysteryAya (Soom Group Order)
      Beckers (Doll: Volks Hewitt 2)
      Dolly (SD Pants)
      Tsuminaki (SD Boxers & Tattoo Job On My Dark Elf Soo)
      Cheshiretiffy (VolksUs Group Order)
      Edo Elric (Doll Head: MF EL)
      Julia (SD Dress)
      Yuki (SD Shirt & Msd Visor)
      MysteryAya (Guitar)
      Scootkadoot (Syo Head)
      Wickedstitchery (Twice) (SD Board Shorts, SD Shirt)
      Yuriko_Terachi (SD Kimono)
      Angelmecha (Leekework Group Order)
      Oegreyelephant (Jacket Commisson)
      LadyFeather (SD Jacket Commission)
      Bomlikewinter (SD Corset)
      Nefla (FMA Coat)
      Mizya (Msd Shirts)
      Dadagi (Msd Shirt)
      Twigling (Sd Tank Set)
      MysterAya (Music Porter)
      Rklod (Msd Shirts)
      Vaith (Sd & Msd Dresses)
      Sat (Leekeworld Group Order)
      Elle (Mr Super Clear)
      Tsuminaki (SD Dress)
      Lady Brick Yo-SD Clothes)
      Vaith SD (Dress)
      Anya'sMom (SD Shirt)
      Ashlyn (SD Dress)
      Rkold (Msd Shirts)
      Pithetaphish (Yo-SD Outfit)
      Tsuminaki (Faceup Commission)
      N1k1ta (Mini Skateboards)
      Muffin (SD Belt & Jeans)
      Chanth (Yo-SD Wings)
      Shan (Eyes)
      Frzndaqiri (Yo-SD Commissions)
      Hisuida (Faceup Commissions)
      Hitasura (SD Shirt & Pants)
      Hitasura(Sd Shirt)
      Tsuli (Yo-SD Shirt)
      Yuki (Faceup Commision)
      Cassiel (SD Shirt)
    3. People That I had Bought From &
      Had Awesome Transactions With Them On Ebay
      The Numbers in ( ) is how many times I have bought items from these people
      Sonia81sy (Doll: Heath) 9/26/05
      Jamier213 (1)
      Mimiwoo (5)
      Cancan_jseries (1)
      Snow-kaguya (6)
      Sotalli (1)
      Beachgirlnikita (2)
      Stackedcreations (1)
      Designersndolls03 (1)
      Eylcwsd (5)
      E2wdolls (3)
      Naussica (2)
      Bittenbefore (1)
      Misticunicorn (1)
      Ik552 (Doll: Miko)
      Natalie622 (3)
      Peebsj (1)
      Costumerie (1)
      Elfwyn_of_shallot (1)
      Releaserain (7)
      Lost_elle (1)
      Patchworkpansy.com (1)
      Alankan_hk (3)
      Hamutie28 (1)
      Callchan (1)
      Kittycapgun (2)
      Lanmay (2)
    4. Ah, Crescent_P was an awesome customer, prompt in payment, communicative and understanding...I'd deal with her again in a second!
    5. Crescent_P is a great buyer! Got pants from me a while ago on E-bay - Beachgirlnikita. Would do business with anytime. Thanks!
    6. Crescent_P rocks!
      I've had several great transactions with her.
      Always a pleasure.
    7. Crescent_P is awesome~ she bought my Yder from me, and she was a pleasure to deal with. n_n
    8. Thank you for leaving me feedback XD
      I have more Feedback in the Good Traders List just do a search for Crescent_P ^^
    9. Cresent_P is a great buyer and very quick with payments. and she has also participated in some of the group orders ive held :D highly recommended
    10. I posted in the general feedback thread as well.
      Had a lovely transaction w/ Crescent_P. Highly recommended.
    11. Crescent_P is a great buyer, very good communication! ^_^
    12. Great transaction with Crescent_P. Good communication. Short layaway on the outfit she bought from me, she paid per agreement. Excellent buyer.
    13. Sold two items to Crescent_P - she's very quick with payment and excellent to work with. Thank you!
    14. Thanks again for purchase :D
      A swift payer and a delight to work with. highly recommended
    15. I had a great transaction with Cresent_P. ^^ Highly recommended.
    16. I just finished a commission with Crescent_P and it went very smoothly. Good communication, quick response to any of my questions about the item, and prompt payment. Would definitely work with again!
    17. Crescent_P is a pleasure to deal with, a great buyer. Highly recommended. ^^
    18. Crescent_P bought some doll shirts from me, she was super nice, and responded to PMs quickly as well as paying quickly. I would definitely do business with her again. :D
    19. I sold my Syo head to Crecent_P, and she was very nice and easy to do business with. ^_^ Highly recommended.
    20. I sold a music porter to crescent p and once again everything went smoothly. Quick payment and great communication. Thank you