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Feedback For Criana

May 9, 2007

    1. 'Ello this is my feed back thread!:)
    2. Criana bought my Dark Soo and the transaction went perfectly! Quick payment and friendly emails :) Thanks so much!
    3. Sold my Wishel to Criana, and I couldn't ask for a better buyer. Paid super-quick, was very nice and kept up great communication. Perfect transaction~ :)
    4. Criana purchased a DOT E-an from me. Payment was super fast. Great communication. :) Thanks!
    5. Bought a Pair of SDF Shoes for my Blanchet. <3 They are lovely, Fantastic person to deal with! ^^
    6. I bought a Bambicrony Lotti from Criana. She was very friendly, sent the doll out quickly, and little Lotti is exactly as described. I am very happy with her, and would gladly do business with Criana again anytime. AAA++++

      Nancy Maya
    7. I bought a dress from criana. She got back to me fast on all pm and shipped out fast. I would be more then happy to buy more things from Criana.
    8. I purchased a Fer outfit (minus the coat) and a red F2BM dress from Criana and the transaction was smooth as can be. Thanks so much! :)
    9. I bought a CHeery Doll biker outfit from Criana- the items were well packaged, arrived quickly and are in very good condition. Thanks so much!
    10. Oh my!! She is fantastic, i bought her a dot e-an and she is so patient, awesome, great comunicatios, great in all ways!! Thanks so much god bless.
    11. Bought a loli dress from Criana, and the transaction was quick and painless. Would do business with her again in a heartbeat, thanks so much!