Feedback for Crimson-Catalyst

Nov 18, 2017

    1. it's probably time for one of these!

      If you've been in a transaction with me, please feel free to leave feedback. c:
    2. Crimson participated in my LUTS group order.
      Communication was friendly and quick, payment was prompt.
      Thanks for making my first GO fun :)
    3. I sold an Akagidoll Ban head to Crimson-Catalyst! They were so easy to work with and made sure to let me know as soon as they had sent their payment and when the head arrived :) I'd gladly work with them again <3
    4. A bit late, but I sold an Infinitidoll Ricky head to Crimson-Catalyst in winter 2016! They were very friendly and patient ^_^
    5. Crimson-Catalyst has participated in three of my GOs and has been a pleasure to work with every time! Super friendly, great communication, and prompt payment. Thank you so much for being a part of my GOs and for being a wonderful participant! ^^
    6. @Crimson-Catalyst purchased a pair of glass eyes from me and it was a very easy and pleasant transaction. Communication was always friendly, payment was quick, and I was informed that the package arrived safely. I would be happy to do more business in the future. :hug:
    7. Hello, i have sold my Aprilstory Liam in normal skin to Crimson darling here and hade a very positive experience ^^ very polite cheerful person, paid right away and even send me a photo when Liam arrived! :} Thank you so very much dear :D have a lovely day ^^