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Feedback for CrimsonSky

Feb 18, 2009

    1. Hello~

      If you've done any transaction with me, please leave a feedback.

      Thank you!
    2. had a great transaction with Crimsonsky, she bought my Luts Hot flash shorts, and paid quickly with good communication. thanks so much!
    3. CrimsonSky commissioned 2 wigs from me-she was a great buyer! Payment was quick, communication was good. Thank you!
    4. CrimsonSky bought a pair of pants from us. Quick payment and so nice to deal with. Perfect transaction. Thanks so much!!
    5. CrimsonSky joined my first Dollmore GO. She had fast payement and was easy to work with. Great with communication. I would definitely do business with her again!

      Thanks again for joining!
    6. i bought some MSD clothes from CrimsonSky and she was great! not only did she put them on hold for me until i got paid, but she mailed them the day i paid her <3

      she's a fantastic seller, id buy from her again!^^
      thank you!
    7. I commissioned Crimsonsky to do a face-up on my sleeping Puki Flora faceplate. She was quick and did a wonderful job! :D
    8. I just completed a commission for CrimsonSky and it went very smoothly. Superfast payment and prompt, friendly communication. I hope to deal with her again!
    9. Great buyer. Fast payment and easy to communicate with. Thank you.^__^
    10. I commissioned CrimsonSky for my Harang head. Her work is absolutely fantastic! Her turn-around time is fast and her communication is great! I would definitely (and plan to) commission her again. I highly recommend her. ^^
    11. I bought a pair of glass eyes from CrimsonSky! She shipped em fast and they arrived just as described. They really complete my boys look. Excellent seller :)
    12. I bought a second-hand Obitsu Gretel head from CrimsonSky. It was well-taken care of (I adored the custom faceup, but unfortunately had to ask for the head wiped clean) and kindly gave me (a first-time owner of an Obitsu) advice towards doing my own customizing. Sun was very communicative and considerate, and the transaction was handled efficently and QUICKLY! I would love to do business again. Thanks so much. :daisy
    13. CrimsonSky was a participant in my April group order run with Nine9 Style and everything was remarkable! Payments were delivered quickly and communication was kept wonderfully. :D I truly appreciate her participation in this order!

      :clover Thank you for participating in one of my group orders! :D I hope that you had a wonderful experience! :clover
    14. I commissioned CrimsonSky to give my Dollfie Dream a faceup. Communication was great, her turnaround time was quick, and she did an excellent job! Thank you :D
    15. CrimsonSky faceuped my fiance's Asleep Eidolon Mejia! She looks amazing, communication was excellent (even when mine was lacking x.x!), and the work was done very quickly and efficiently. Excellent faceup artist! I would deffinately suggest CrimsonSky to anyone seeking a faceup ^.^! Thanks!
    16. CrimsonSky painted my two Customhouse boys, and I was really pleased with the work. Communication was great and she was very quick. I would definitely recommend her!
    17. CrimsonSky bought a pair of acrylic doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and was easy to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to do another transaction with her again^_^
    18. I commissioned CrimsonSky to give my CP Luts Soony a faceup. She did an amazing job, communicated with me very well, and her turnaround time was great. I will definately send other people to her for faceups.
    19. I got a lovely face up done on my bisou ai uu
      Crimsonsky, did a great job, did it quick and had good communication!

      Will work with again for sure!!!
    20. I just got two more heads back from CrimsonSky with face-ups. Her work is absolutely fantastic! Great communication and a great turn around time as well. I highly recommend her to anyone! :aheartbea