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Feedback for crissy!

May 26, 2009

    1. Thank you :)!!!
    2. Crissy bought a MiniSup Yan from me. He paid quickly and had excellent communications. Thank you again and recommendations! :D
    3. crissy purchased a pair of Masterpiece eyes from me and was fast with payment and very friendly. Thanks a bunch :)
    4. Crissy bought from me a CP Lishe, he was friendly, answer pm an paid quickly. I would be very happy to deal with him again :)
    5. Crissy bought my Lishe and he paid very promptly, was friendly and had great communication. I would definitely sell to him again :)
    6. I bought a Coco Lati yellow, and Crissy was fast in shipping and the doll was perfect -
      THANKS a lot. :)
    7. Crissy bought a Volks body from me on a short layaway. It was a great transaction - he paid exactly when he said he would and then was kind enough to let me know when the body had arrived.


    8. Crissy bougth a dress from me. The whole transaction was very smooth! I highly recommend him as a buyer!

      Thank you<333
    9. Crissy purchased my extra Petsha hands. He was extremely friendly and paid promptly. It was a wonderful transaction. Highly recommended! :)

      Thank you again! :thumbup
    10. Crissy purchased my Limhwa Luna plus high heel feet, wig, and eyes. He paid immediately and kept in great communication. I would definitely do business with Crissy again, and highly recommend him to anyone who wants an easy transaction with quick payment!
    11. Crissy purchased some clothes from me and paid quickly. Was kind enough to let me know when the arrived. Thank you for a great transaction!
    12. crissy bought a wig from me, very fast pm & prompt payment, definitely a recommended buyer~! :)
      Thank you~!
    13. Crissy bought my Senior Delf Annette~

      Communication was great and he paid real fast. It was a great transaction. Highly recommended!

      Thank you very much :)
    14. Crissy bought SOOM- Cuprit from me. He paid very quickly and had excellent communications. Thank you very much~~~~~~ ​
    15. Crissy bought Soom Breccia from me. And I'm so surprised that all payment paid immediately with full amount *0*. All communication is excellent. I proudly to present Crissy to due with. ^_^

      Thank You So Much and hope to do the business with you again. ^_^
    16. Crissy adopted (bought) my littlefee Bisou girl. He paid right away, was very very lovely and friendly to deal with, and let me know when the girly was there. I'm so happy that she found a new home with Crissy. Thank you so much! Wonderful buyer! <3
    17. Crissy purchased a MNF Chloe head from me, and everything went perfectly. Super friendly to deal with, paid quickly and let me know when the head arrived. Highly recommended! :)
    18. Positive feedback for crissy. crissy purchased a Minifee Mirwen. He paid promptly, communication was great and he let me know when she arrived (even though her tracking didn't scan at all >.<) Thank you for a great transaction! x
    19. Positive! Crissy bought a pair of Minifee hands, paid quickly, was great to deal with! Thank you so much! :D
    20. Crissy has bought so many dresses from me. Crissy's latest purchase from me was a Minifee Shushu head. All of our transactions have gone smoothly and they always send pictures and let me know when items arrive :)

      Thank you so much!!!!!