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Feedback for Crying-Koneko

Jun 19, 2008

    1. Her feedback thread was broken so here is a new one!!!

      ::My personal feedback::
      I did a face-up and piercing commission on her Obitsu Gretel and it was an amazing experience the whole way. She answered all my questions and let me know exactly what she wanted and how without dragging me through the woods(if you know what I mean).
      Communication was excellent and I hope to do more business with her in the future! ;)
    2. I redid the face-up on herr gretel and again she was an amazing person to work with. I hope to do more business with her ^_^
    3. Crying-Koneko bought an AoD Qing from me. She paid on time as we worked out and kept in contact throughout the sale, letting me know when she arrived. A pleasure to deal with! :)
    4. Another awesome dealing with Crying-Koneko! She bought a wig and shirt from me and paid very quickly. I was told when the item arrived and I always enjoy dealing with her.
      Thank you again!
    5. i traded an MSD hoodie, some white boots, and some gifts for crying-koneko's black sheer MSD kimono, it was a wonderful trade, she was patient with me when i took a few days to get shipped out due to moving to a new apartment and was great with communication, she shipped promptly and the package arrived quickly and well packaged and was exactly as described!

      i would love to do business with her again any day!
    6. I bought:
      Antique fabric flower print halter dress with velcro back
      Black and white polka dotted yakata with obi tie
      White with red hearts Valentine halter dress with velcro closure and matching apron

      From Crying-Koneko communication was great, and everything shipped quickly.

      Highly Recommended!

      Thank you!
    7. I bought an MSD wig from Crying-Koneko and the transaction was great. The wig was shipped out quickly, was packaged well, and arrived even sooner than I expected.

      I highly recommend!
    8. I purchased a yosd size wig from Crying-Koneko and everything went perfectly! She shipped the wig super fast, she was always friendly in communications and it arrived exactly as described! Thank you so much ^_^
    9. Crying-Koneko bought some eyes from me. They were polite, paid fast & let me know when the eyes got there. Thanks!
    10. I did a face-up for Crying-Koneko. She was very clear with what she wanted, answered all questions I had, communication was excellent, and payment was prompt. I would love to do more face-ups for her anytime! :D
    11. Sorry for the late feedback! But it’s Good Feedback! Crying-Koneko was a Wonderful member of the A Thousand Years of Police Box Travel – A Doctor Who Swap. And even when things started going a bit pear shaped Koneko was very understanding and patient. Greet Communication and fast to respond to Questions put forth. I was very lucky to have them participating in my swap!
    12. Crying-Koneko took part in my Trick or Treat swap during the month of October, 2013. Everything went smooth as you please and I would love to have her take part in another. Thanks again for all your hard work!
    13. crying-koneko was in my music swap, a delight to have as she shipped fast and all of her gifts met the swap requirements! i would LOVE to have her in any of my future swaps!