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Feedback for crystalenchantress

Apr 19, 2008

    1. Hi,

      this is a feedback thread for crystalenchantress.
      Please leave Your feedback here.

      Thanks a lot!
    2. crystalenchantress bought a dz ian fullset from me. the transaction was quick, friendly and painless.
    3. She bought a Kyou Fullset ver.2 from me.
      The transaction was really fast, she told me she was interested on him and made the payment as soon as I told her the shipping costs.
      She is very kind. Absolutely recommended buyer.

      Enjoy Kyou!!
    4. crystalenchantress bought a DK Abel Limited fullset and was a perfect buyer. Communication was kept constant and friendly. Payment was recieved promptly and I would definately sell to again :) Thank you so much for giving him a home ^^
    5. Crystalenchantress purchased a Volks SD16G Amelia fullset with additional outfits and accessories, and was a pleasure to do business with. Communication was very clear, and she submitted payment promptly, thank you!
    6. Crystalenchantress purchased an Isao Nanjou I fullset from me. I was in the midst of an intense job search at the time and she was extremely patient while waiting for new sets of photographs. Communication was excellent, she paid rapidly, and she let me know when he arrived at his new home, which I appreciated greatly.

      Thanks so much! I'm delighted that Isao is now in a home where he will get much more attention.
    7. Crystalenchantress bought a doll outfit from me. She paid quickly and was very patience while I was out of town to ship. She let me know when the outfit arrived. Very nice to do business with.
    8. I assisted Crystalenchantress with acquiring DP20 outfits, and the transaction went very smoothly and she was very accepting regarding the current exchange rates. Thanks again!
    9. crystalenchantress bought a FU Isao chair from me ^_^ she was very nice and friendly, paid promptly and very easy to deal with :D It's such a pleasant transaction! Thank you very much for everything ^__^

    10. crystalenchantress is lovely to talk to and even more amazing to do transactions with. I'm so happy you love the EID suit and shoes, thank you!
    11. crystalenchantress commissioned me for an outfit from the Grand Prince Hotel event & was a great customer. She payed promptly & had good communication. I'd certainly do business with her again :) Thanks!
    12. crystalenchantress bought an EID clothes from me, communication was good and the transaction went smoothly. An excellent buyer. Thanks again! :)
    13. crystalenchantress bought the Iplehouse Alberto outfit from me. Communication was excellent, payment was prompt. Everything went very smoothly. I would be happy to sell to crystalenchantress again.