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Feedback for Cthulhu

Jan 20, 2010

    1. Well, this demon has finally done some shopping...Please leave me some feedback when you have a chance!
    2. I sold my Soom Chrom head to cthulhu, and I would certainly recommend this buyer. Quick payment. Kept in contact throughout the process. Overall an awesome transaction! :)
    3. I traded my FL Chrom head for cthulhu's human Chrom, and everything went great! She was very friendly, responsive, and packed the head safely for me. She was nice enough to take a ton of pictures for me, too! I'd definitely recommend her, and I'd love to do business again! Thanks! :D
    4. cthulhu participated in my leekworld group order. Great to work with and super friendly. Happy to be able to deliver personally and meet you face to face. Thank you again.
    5. cthulhu took place in my Chalco split. Not only was it awesome to earn a split partner, but a friend as well. Great communication, very patient, and quick payment. Couldn't have asked for more. I wish you the best!
    6. Cthulhu bought some pieces to a Dollheart outfit from me recently (isn't that a funny sentence to type? XD), and she was a pleasure to do business with! She was always fast with communication and payment and very friendly. What more could one ask for?! :D
    7. I sold a wig to Cthulhu and everything went perfectly. It's my pleasure to do business with her. ^^
    8. Cthulhu commissioned me for a faceup, and as always, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was friendly and patient throughout the whole process. Excellent communication and quick payment. Thanks for letting me paint your girl!
    9. Cthulhu bought a Ciel head from me; communication was great, payment was quick and she was absolutely wonderful to work with overall. I would gladly do business again! :D
    10. Cthulhu Bought a luts delf body from her pm's were always polite and friendly. She paid right away and I would welcome her buying from me again and I recommend her as a buyer.

      Thank you!
    11. Cthulhu bought an Elfdoll Sooah from me... quick, friendly communication and prompt payment - thanks!

    12. Cthulhu commissioned me for a faceup on her MNM Elf boy, and she was an absolutely pleasure in every way. I'd be happy to work with her again anytime! :)
    13. Cthulhu bought a Unidoll Real boy body from me. It was a delightful transaction, with prompt payment and friendly communication throughout. I would not hesitate to do business with her again, and sincerely recommend her to anyone thinking of doing the same.
    14. I recently completed a face-up, body blush and tattoo for Cthulhu. She was wonderful to work with-great communication, speedy payment and super friendly :) I couldn't have asked for a better customer! Thanks :D
    15. Cthulhu was amazing to deal with I bought her RS Ai she was packaged wonderfully and shippedout quickly. Love to do buisness with again
    16. Cthulhu bought a doll from me. was excellent to talk to and paid promptly. a delight to deal with. highly recommend transactions with her. thanks.
    17. Another commission for cthulhu, and everything went perfectly as before. I'm happy to work with her anytime! :)
    18. Cthulu bought an Elfdoll Aurora head from me. She payed promptly and was wonderful to deal with!
    19. I sold some wigs to Cthulhu and the transaction was smooth. Thank you! (Belated feedback)
    20. I sold some SD clothing to cthulhu, She is a doll to do business with paid promptly and let me know when package arrived... I have also purchased from Cthulhu in the past and I am always happy doing business with her.. I highly recommend.