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Feedback for cupid13180

Dec 10, 2008

    1. Hey there... xD

      If you've bought anything from me or if i've bought anything from you, do leave me a feedback. thanks! :)
    2. bought an Abio Angels body from cupid. Great transaction all around. Friendly pms, accurate photos, and fast shipping. thanks!
    3. Cupid has not been very pleasant to deal with for me.

      - Wanted to buy a Dollheart Lady Rose from me on layaway.
      - Could not afford the full price, so wanted to give me a deposit.
      - The amount was agreed on, and she said she would send the money in a few days.
      - After the stipulated timeframe, I see no sign of the money, so I ask her again.
      - She says that due to some problems, she cannot send the money yet; she would instead opt for making full payment during a meetup.
      - I say alright again.
      - A few days before the meet, I ask her if she's going; she does not reply.
      - The day before the meet she backs out on purchasing the dress.

      I held the dress for her for over 1 month.

      2nd occasion was on a group order. She took a long time to mail out my items. I understand that she is busy with work, but she kept delaying mailing it out and when she did, she did NOT confirm with me which postage option I wanted and sent it out via the more expensive one. I did not know this until she mailed the item, so I had to pay for something I had no knowledge of.
    4. I bought a CH Ai Gaby from her. We decided to meet up and complete the transaction with cash.
      The transaction went smoothly and without any glitches. She was even helpful enough to help me grab the headcap that dropped under some stacked metal chairs (i is still vry vry sorry *_*;;;; )

      thanks again Cupid^^
    5. I have bought a Lishe head from Cupid. Sometimes communication was a bit difficult but at the end the head has arrived home safe and exactly as described, in perfect condition. So at the end Im very satisfied of my transaction. Thanks :)
    6. bought some SOOM heliot eyes off of cupid c:
      was sent out directly after she contacted me and recieved fast and in perfect condition 8D
      nice to work with so reccommended <333
    7. :) I bought a "Heliot Bow and arrow" to Cupid13180 ... wonderful items sent well protected ... very good communication: I had always very nice and friendly pms with Cupid !!! Great Seller !!!! :)
    8. I just received a Heliot human body from Cupid13180, and it arrived safe and well packaged. All pm's were very polite. A very good transaction. ^_^
    9. I bought a Peanut from Cupid and while we had alot of trouble with shipping (he got lost apparently in the mail) he arrived in okay condition (there's a scuff on his nose that wasn't mentioned in his description which might have occurred during transport). I payed for the doll on 7-12 so roughly a month long transaction.

      Cupid was very nice and agreeable. Cupid also did not ask for compensation for the second shipping costs which I thought was very professional.

      Thank you Cupid for the extention of our little family. I hope we can make him feel at home. :)
    10. I bought Heliot hooves and master hands from Cupid.They were well packed and communication was friendly and pretty fast. :3 Would buy from Cupid again. Great seller!