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Feedback for cutekittami

Apr 21, 2008

    1. I couldn't find one... but it's late, so maybe I spelled her name wrong... either way...

      I had a transaction with her where I removed her Pukis ears, and she paid promptly and was excellent with communication!

    2. Tell me how I did :)
    3. I traded with Cutekittami my DZ feilian for her DIM Silf ^_^ she was perfect in communication and Silf came in safe and quick! 83 would love to work with again ^_^!! A+++++
    4. CuteKittam bought a pair of jeans from us. She was very quick with payment and a pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks so much!!
    5. CuteKittami recently adopted my Bobobie March. She was great to deal with and paid very quickly! :)
    6. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    7. CuteKittami bought a wig from me and was great to deal with. She paid promptly and kept up good communication. I'd definitely recommend selling to her. :)
    8. CuteKittami bought a pair of 18mm eyes from me. Quick payment, good transaction :)
    9. Wonderful transaction - quick payment and friendly PMs.
      Thanks! ^o^
    10. I bought a tricycle from Elise and she was a top notch seller. Excellent in every respect. Thank you so much for an easy and enjoyable transaction.
    11. I bought a fur puki wig from her and she was very quick with PMs and information and sent out the wig almost immediately :)
      The wig is very cute and I can't wait for my Puki to arrive so I can plunk it on his wee little head! Great seller.
    12. I bought one of cutekittami's awesome little puki wigs. The wig is adorable and I'd do business with her again, any time :)
    13. Purchased a DZ body from Cutekittami. She was wonderful to deal with. Perfect communication. Body was safely packed and arrived in a timely manner. Couldn't ask for a better transaction.
    14. Cutekittami bought a skirt from me, she's so wonderful to work with!
      Though honestly, she did pay me quick and everything.
    15. cutekittami kindly bought some little skateboards for me like the one she showed with her Little Fee! They are just wonderful! My kids will be very happy!

      Thanks! Nancy
    16. I purchased some puki eyes from cutekittami, and it was such a fun transaction. It's always nice to do business with someone you see regularly in a thread, and one-on-one communication with her is just as enjoyable as it is en masse. She shipped ASAP and packaged them very well. It was such a pleasure to do business with her!
    17. :) CuteKittami Sold me an adorable little Blue furwig she'd made for Pukis! <333

      Wonderful to work with, quick replies and Quick shipment! :D I'd work with her again anytime!!!
    18. Did some faceupwork for CuteKittami, absolute joy to work with :)
    19. I bought some adorable little Yo-sized skateboards for my Lati Green Senny and the fit is perfect! cutekittami was very friendly and professional to work with and shipped very fast. I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good, honest marketplace transaction. I would not hesitate to buy from her again. You can't go wrong here, folks!:)
    20. Cutekittami bought MSD shoes from me. She was awesome to deal with, responded quickly to messages, paid promptly and let me know when they arrived!! Would definitely do business with her again. :) Thanks!!