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Feedback for Cycobella

Jun 24, 2010

    1. Cycobella did not have a feedback thread so i thought I would start one for her.

      I just purchased a Unidoll Ark from Cycobella, i admit I was nervous purchasing from someone with no feedback but I could not be happier with the end result. Communication was excellent, shipping took longer than expected but that is the fault of the shipping company, not Cycobella. All of the details about the doll were carefully listed, damage documented and explained and the doll arrived in perfect condition (excepting those damages previously disclosed). The price was also excellent and I have no complaints about my deal with Cycobella at all.

      Cycobella had a very good honest trade with me, and I could not be happier.

      Just a note about shipping. The shipping company used was DHL, the international site repeatedly told me that the tracking number was too long and therefore invalid, however one of the people I live with was an upper level manager in DHL over in the US, for about 15 years, and assisted me in sorting this issue. This is a COMPANY fault, and nothing to do with Cycobella.
    2. I purchased an AoD body from Cycobella and all went perfectly with friendly communication and fast shipping.
    3. I bought her Yume FS! Great communication and very fast shipping... aaand a beautiful doll =) Thanks!
    4. Hi,
      I've beed trying to ask Cycobella about the Jimi head and a fullset doll she has for sale, i sent her a PM a few weeks ago and i still havent gotten a response. I am not saying this to make her sound bad or anything, im just wondering does she sometimes not get on DoA for extended periods of time?