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Feedback for Cymorill / Sudianna Designs

Jul 10, 2010

    1. Like the title says, this is the feedback thread for me, Cymorill, and for my company "Sudianna Designs." ​

      Please feel free to leave your comments!​
    2. Cymorill did a face up for me to make a modded sleeping head as close as possible to a company face up from the head it goes with it and looks amazing!!

      Nothing is 100% but this is as close as it gets :)

      Thanks alot and She worked with me even though im a bit picky ^^ Thanks and i'll be getting more done from you in the future :)
    3. I did a partial trade with Cymorill, my Luts 09 Wintery head for a custom shirt and money. The partial payment was made in a timely manner. Cymorill made a custom shirt for my Domuya Flexi Perennial boy, based on a drawing of mine and measurements, it is even better than I could have imagined. The shirt is very well made and came packaged wonderfully. She even included a few My Little Ponies in the package, for me to add to my collection. Cymorill is absolutely wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her. Thank you so much for a perfect transaction! <3
    4. I sent my ENTIRE doll to Cymorill for various modifications.

      Thanks to Cymorill, my doll's fragile hybrid head/neck is secure, his joints are posing like a dream, and he's completely blushed from head-to-toe! I'm VERY pleased with the result. Cymorill had excellent communication and stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process. She sent my doll back to me in record-time and was sure to pack him carefully. He arrived safely and is even more perfect than he was before! I couldn't be happier!

      I highly recommend this talented lady!! :heart:
    5. OMG! What can I say about Cymorill? She's AWESOME!!!

      I sent her two of my MNM heads with their respective chests for her to mod the heads/necks so that they could lie properly and function normally, and she did it perfectly! One of my heads even had a faceup, and she took great care to insure that the faceup remained intact. Cymorill had amazing communication throughout the entire process, she was always professional and friendly...I will definitely keep her in mind for all my modding! Thank you so much :)
    6. Cymorill purchased my Akando head and was a dear to communicate and deal with! She was fast to pay and let me know when he arrived, and sent me pics too! An A+++ transaction!
    7. Cymorill bought a pair of boots from me and was a pleasure to do business with throughout. The transaction was swift and problem-free. Thank you so much!
    8. Cymorill for starters is a great lady! very kind, updates you when ever something is wrong or delayed and basically gets to the heart and point of what you want. She did major revamping on my doll. Took away acetone, fixed awkward parts (with sanding), de-yellowed him, and re-sculpted his face. All was very professional and I could have not have asked for better or kinder service!
    9. Cymorill is awesome! <333 She's super nice, and communication is impeccable. She did a face-up on my boy, sanded away some scratches, added a joint to his thigh, sanded a part of his torso so he could sit better, dyed him so he's not unevenly yellowed, and even painted his adorable little nails. <3

      I couldn't be more pleased with my boy and with Cymorill's work. <33
    10. I sold Cymorill a KDF body! She was very patient and very kind. Great communication, and she informed me when the package arrived!
      Thank you again!
    11. I had a crack in a Dollmore Dean's back fixed. Cymorill did a amazing job! Will recommend her work to anyone. A pure pleasure to deal with.
    12. I sent my first and favourite doll (an Iplehouse YID girl) to Cymorill for some modding. My girl wasn't able to sit properly, and would fall backwards if I wasn't holding her, or if she had nothing behind her to support her. I also wanted more mobility, sueding, and some prettiness with manicure and pedicure. Cymorill was amazing to deal with through out the whole process :D
      She added the swiveling thigh joint, removed the seams, did the French mani and pedi, and the sueding, and blushed her, too! We spoke about some torso sanding to get her to sit better, and after doing that, Cymorill noticed my girl needed a bit more, and went ahead and extended her elastic channels at the front of her thighs, AND added a secondary torso lock.
      My girl is PERFECT. I couldn't possibly ask for a better job!!! THANK YOU Cymorill!!!! I really love everything you did! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
      I would not hesitate to recommend Cymorill to anyone, in fact, I am going to send her my YID boy as soon as her and I are ready! AMAZING work!!! Thanks again!!!! Totally worth it :D
      Here's Claire, now at home, sitting pretty by herself, and not supported! Her poses are so easy and natural now, I'm amazed :D

    13. I sent Cymorill my pair of Soom Heliot hooves to be modded into Sard-like hooves. She was always kind in her messages, updates were regular, and her modding and sanding work turned out phenomenally! The places where Apoxy was added are so smooth, and blend right into the resin areas perfectly to the touch. She even thought about details to add that would make the hooves more Sard-like that I hadn't even considered, as well as giving the hooves and leg parts a complimentary seam-sanding! I definitely recommend her, and will no doubt come to her again for any future modding needs! ^^
      Thanks so much!
    14. Bought some shoes I was selling. Quick payment and great communication =) Thanks
    15. Cymorill purchased a Minifee head from me, and was sweet as could be! Communication was great and payment was quick. She was very kind and patient with me sending it out as I let her know I'm sick and let me know once it arrived to her safely. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. Thanks a bunch for a fabulous transaction!
    16. Cymorill purchased a pair of Dikadoll jointed MSD hands from me and is a fantastic buyer! Quick payment with excellent communication! Thanks for a worry free transaction!
    17. Cymorill purchased a LTF Leah face plate from me. Quick payment and great communication.
    18. Fantastic Feedback for Cymorill / Sudianna Designs.
      I send my Minifee Breakaway Scar Sleeping Head to her for opening the closed eye and for opening the sleeping scar eye a little more. The nose was also sanded a little.
      I'm really happy with how she turned out - and thought it took extremely long time she was perfect when she got back to me <3
      Cymorill is fantastic to deal with and the communication is just spot on, she is very good at informing what is going on and answering if any questions is asked.
    19. Cymorill modded an dreaming human feeple 65 chole faceplate. It is beautiful. I couldn't be happier.
      She kept me involved throughout the entire process. Thanks so much.