Feedback for cz.girl.347

Mar 18, 2016

    1. Please leave feedback here. Thank you!!
    2. cz.girl.347 bought a pair of SD ugg boots from me. She paid promptly, replied quickly to my messages and let me know the item had arrived safely :) I Highly recommend her to other sellers.
    3. cz.girl.347 purchased a doll from me in a great transaction. Communication was quick, she paid off early, and let me know as soon as the package arrived. Would definitely deal with her again.

      Thanks cz.girl.347!
    4. cz.girl.347 purchased an Atelier Momoni doll from me! She was a great communicator, paid via PayPal quickly, and she let me know when the doll arrived as soon as she got the package. She was lovely to work with and I recommend her highly!

      Thank you!
    5. cz.girl.347 purchased a wig from me. Communication was excellent, payment was prompt and they informed me once the package had arrived. A great transaction and a lovely buyer.
    6. cz.girl.347 purchased a doll from me via layaway. She paid promptly over the course of the layaway; Was incredibly lovely and understanding w/r/t a tracking number issue, and let me know when the doll arrived. Highly recommend!
    7. cz.girl.347 bought two pairs of wigs, paid quickly and even let me know when they arrived! I can definitely recommend her as a buyer! A++++
    8. cz.girl.347 bought a Minifee Karsh from me. She was a pleasure to deal with and her responses were all prompt and polite. I highly recommend her as a buyer. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the doll!
    9. cz.girl.347 bought a complete Minifee outfit from me. She paid promptly, was understanding of a slight delay due to post office Stat closures, and let me know when her parcel arrived. Thanks cz.girl for a great transaction. I'd happily do business with you again.
    10. cz.girl.347 bought two wigs from me. Everything was perfect! Highly recommend her! Thank you so much <3
    11. cz.girl.347 bought a wig from me. She is a wonderful buyer! Fast payment and polite communication. Thank you so much!
    12. I did a trade with Yep. cz.girl.347 for her ws Nena 02 Rei for my ns Nena 02 Rei. The trade went very smooth and easy. Thank you so much for the trade. I'm %100 happy
    13. Cz.girl.347 participated in my FL Lucywen split. They were perfect! Paid all payments on time, and let me know when their items arrived.

      I'd happily recommend them as a split participant to anyone. Thank you for the smooth transaction!
    14. thank you for a great transaction!
    15. She bought a merry doll round Fang head from me on a short layaway. She paid promptly and even finished it up early! Great communication, very polite, would definitely do business with her again.
    16. I traded with cz.girl.347 - my Eve Studio cat (+ cash) for her Momoni Nena02 Reira. The trade was smooth and easy, she was very polite and speedy at getting Reira shipped and providing a tracking number as soon as possible. Couldn't be happier! I highly recommend her for trades and transactions in general. :)
    17. cz.girl.347 joined a split of mine for the Sircca Unicorn horn. Despite a shipping setback, she was amazing and understanding the entire time! I would gladly do business with her again and definitely recommend her for any transaction!
    18. I bought Petra's strawberry mousse merrydollround girl. I could not be more pleased with this transaction. She shipped her out SO FAST - it was not to be believed! And what a lovely, lovely seller she is, too. She's just awesome. Thank you again Petra, THANK YOU!!!
    19. I purchased a Doll Chateau Zora from cz.girl.347. She shipped her quickly after I paid and packed her perfectly. Very happy with the transaction. Would buy from her again.
    20. I bought a Realfee headback from cz.girl.347. Communication was great, cz.girl.347 provided tracking information and my headback arrived safely. Thanks so much!