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Feedback for D4rk_0rchyd

Jul 1, 2009

    1. She doesn't have one so I made her one. ^^

      D4rk_0rchyd is one of the best buyers i've ever dealt with. Fast payment and very polite. She contacted me and paid me as soon as I gave her the full quote. She also left me feedback right away and let me know when she has received the clothing. Thank you very much. ^^ I would gladly deal with her anytime.

      A++! Highly recommended :aheartbea
    2. D4rk_Orchyd bought a doll from me and it was a pleasant transaction :) She paid right away and was very polite and nice to deal with. Thank you!
    3. D4rk_0rchyd bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when items arrived. A pleasure to deal with.
    4. Recently D4rk_Orchyd purchased a custom-made Miyavi guitar from me and she was absolutely wonderful to deal with. She new she wanted the item and paid promptly. PM's were very timely and she is super-easy to deal with.
      I highly recommend D4rk_Orchyd in any and all transactions here on DOA. Highly recommended purchaser.

      D4rk_Orchyd is "DEFINITELY" a :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar DOA marketplace member! :thumbup
    5. D4rk_Orchyd bought some MSD things from me. She paid super quick & was rather nice, I highly recommend her here in the marketplace.:)
    6. Sorry for late feedback. I sold a black with to D4rk_Orchyd. D4rk_Orchyd paid really fast and was wonderful to communicate with. I'd definitely do business with D4rk_Orchyd again. Thank you!
    7. Sold a Red and Black Soom Turtleneck to D4rk_Orchyd. Very prompt payer and easy to do business with. Thank you!
    8. D4rk_0rchyd bought an MSD choker/bracelet from me and was a pleasure to deal with. She paid promptly, replied quickly and was super sweet. Would love to deal with her again. Thanks!
    9. Recently sold some MSD accessories and a shirt to D4rk_0rchyd, and everything went smoothly! Great communication and a very friendly person! Thanks again~
    10. Excellent buyer, perfect transaction. Highly recommended
    11. D4rk_Orchyd bought a MNM Squall from me. Paid fast and was great for the whole way of communication. :)
    12. I sold a Nanuri 07 head to D4rk_Orchyd~ She paid promptly and maintained good communication with me. This transaction was an absolute pleasure~~ I HIGHLY recommend her!~~ She's GREAT~!!
      Again, thank you so much!!~~
      ~ Umi
    13. D4rk_0rchyd bought some eyes from me, a great buyer, fast payment and great communication she kindly let me know when they arrived :D thanks for a very pleasant transaction!
    14. D4rk_0rchyd bought a Dollmore shirt from me, she was polite and paid swiftly. Great buyer, would love to do business with again. :)
    15. D4rk_0rchyd bought and SD couch from me! Very pleasant to deal with, excellent communication and fast payment. Thank you so much, you're such a sweetie! :)
    16. D0 purchased a lot of accessories from me and was wonderful! Fast payment, patient and always friendly in communications! I highly recommend her ^_^
    17. D4rk_0rchyd is a wonderful buyer!!! I sold some MSD and SD clothes to her. Amazing transaction, kind communication, fast payment and everything went perfect. Recommended!!
    18. D4rk_0rchyd bought a handmade SD sized low table from me. Her payment was recieved very quickly with excellent communication. Enjoy that table and thanks for posting a pic of it with your dolls in my sales thread!!!:):bcupcake:bcake
    19. D4rk_0rchyd bought some items from me and the transaction was pleasant and smooth. Quick payment and fast, friendly responses. I happily recommend D4rk_0rchyd!
    20. D4rk_0rchyd bought a velvet sofa from me.
      She's an excellent buyer for good communication, fast payment making, and prompt information giving.
      Highly recommended, thanks a ton!^__^