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Feedback for Dagger

Feb 28, 2007

    1. hey everyone!

      if you have done business with me, please post feedback here :)

    2. One of the Best Buyers Ever:D I sold Dagger my DD Sirus on Layway, and she was always on time with payments... ANd just one of the best people to do transactions with EVER... Sell to her with no problem. Great Honest Sweet girl... Two thumps up for Dagger:thumbup :thumbup
    3. Dagger bought an SD10 Nono from me on layaway and it went perfect! She's also bought a pair of eyes too. Great buyers ^___^
    4. I bought an absolutely stunning dress from Dagger. Fast shipping and an all around excellent person to buy from. :)
    5. Bought a wig from me. Paid promptly and was a wonderful person to do business with! Highly recommended!
    6. Bought some SD clothes from me, paid promplty and everything! :)
    7. Excellent buyer! She was a pleasure to do business with as she kept in constant contact and paid on time. Very friendly and understanding. Highly recommended!
    8. I sold my beloved Leya girl to Dagger. She gave her such a good new home:)
      Dagger replied to my PMs quickly & paid off very quickly. I recommand her strongly^^!
    9. Sold a DD head to Dagger, very friendly and informative, let me know when it arrived, also paid VERY quickly!

      Would definitely do business with again.
    10. I put things for hold for Dagger, and she paid exactly when she said she would. Would gladly do business with her again. ^_^
    11. Dagger is a lovely person to have a transaction with :)

      I put my DOD Twing-Key on hold for her and she came through and made a speedy payment on the noted day.

      Thanks for giving her a new home :3nodding:
    12. Sold Dagger a monique gold wig, transaction went smoothly and she sent her money quickly, even pmed me when she recieved it! Great buyer ^_^
    13. I purchased a pair of MSD shoes from Dagger and she sent them promptly - smooth transaction! :thumbup
    14. Dagger commissioned a dress and has been wonderful to work with...patient and understanding...paid up front.

      A very positive experience.
    15. Dagger bought Volks dress from me.

      All of PMs were polite and fast. Payment was done quickly :)
      Dagger is a very nice buyer!! I highly recommend her.

      Thank you very much :aheartbea :aheartbea
    16. Sold a pair of sd panties and pom-pom socks to Dagger. Prompt payment. Excellent buyer ^_^
    17. Dagger is a great seller. I bought a wig off her and she was easy to negotiate with and had no problems holding the wig for me when I discovered I'd miscalculated my finances. I love the wig itself and I DO recommend Dagger as a seller, very much!
    18. Dagger participated in a group order with me and was very nice to deal with :)
    19. I sold two wigs to Dagger and she was a dream to deal with. :D
    20. I made for Dagger a dress for her Hikaru chan under commissions! She's a great buyer!! Thank you very much!! :D