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Feedback for Daggerchan!

Oct 31, 2006

    1. I've had quite a few transactions through here, both selling and buying. I'd be very grateful if you'd tell of your trading experiences with me, wether it was good or bad (preferrably the good ones though. ;D )
    2. I just bought a WS CP Boy Body from DaggerChan, and she is absolutely fantastic to deal with! Always responds to PMs promptly, and ships super fast!! Don't hesitate to buy from DaggerChan!! :fangirl:
    3. Split a Luts order with DaggerChan a while ago (she helped me get a Luts girl body for my Miyu by buying the larger bust one). She was quick to pay her part of the order and to reply to PMs~ A pleasure to deal with~ ^_^
    4. Bought a coat from Daggerchan. It was shipped very quickly and it was in absolutely perfect condition. Buy from her! :D
    5. I bought a pair of CP archer hands from DaggerChan. She shipped them superfast, answered PMs very quickly and is an excellent seller.
    6. I bought a darling CP Yder-ss mod head from DaggerChan, and I swear, she's the greatest! Not only is she sweet and darling, but damn if she ain't cute when she's drunk! XD! And she packed Noah up so safely and in an original Luts CP delf head box! <3 How cool is that?

      Here's my boy, with his first faceup. It'll probably change, but for now, it suits him. :3 Sadly, the wig and hat do not. ;___;


      I will never hesitate to buy from Dagbjort -- she's awesome!
    7. I just received the two pairs of boots I bought from Dagger-chan and they are perfect! They're just like new and they were very well packed. Thank you~!
    8. Whoo, thank all yous guyz! *tear* XD

      I'm going to go double check if I haven't left ya'll good feedbacks in return. :*
    9. DaggerChan is an excellent buyer! She paid promptly and was very friendly! I would do business with her again anytime!
    10. I bought a Juri 2005 head from Dagger Chan. It came in a lovely condition and well packed!! I recommend Daggerchan as an excellent seller!! Moreover she was very pleasant to deal with and very friendly!! Thank you very much for this trully pleasant transaction :D
    11. I purchased a body for my girl through Daggerchan, she kindly allowed me to do a layaway, kept me informed with all the shipping details and posted quickly and carefully packaged.

      Thanks so much!!
    12. I bought a body for my no longer bodyless girl Thank you :)
      ( I like the way you take great care of packaged it with bubble wraps and pay attention to put the matching pieces together ^^ It was very nice to deal with you again thank you for your patience, and great nice communication)@++++
    13. Daggerchan kept me up to date and let me know everything that was happening. ^_^ Sorry this is so late.
    14. Daggerchan bougth from me a pair of eyes, fast payment and excellent comunication!! ^___^

      Thanks a lot!!!
    15. I bought a dress and hands from Dagger-chan. She was super helpful and friendly so communication was a breeze. Also she packs things very well! Great transaction. :)
    16. Very very good customer ! it was my pleasure to do your wig and she didn't forget to leave a good feedback ! thank you again ! ENJOY ! ! !
    17. I bought a coat from DC, it took a while but I am kinda far.
      She is real nice to talk to and offered me a great deal.
    18. Ermmm Mine probably doesnt count really (seeing as we live close by and are RL friends and all) But I have bought a couple of items of DaggerChan.
      Fast delivery (again doesnt really count as I went over to look at the items and picked them up straight away).
      Awesome comunication.
      And a all around good seller and buyer. :)
    19. I bought a BW Woori from DaggerChan recently and had excellent service.

      The doll was in wonderful condition, clearly very well taken care of and arrived packed stable in the box in an unconventional manner but it did the job just fine, no complaints there.

      It arrived super quick and I received great communication through the whole process, she answered my questions and kept me informed the entire time.

      I would recommend her to anyone.
    20. I bought a pair of Iplehouse dark grey check pants from DaggerChan and she was wonderful to deal with. She responded to PMs very fast, gave me a tracking #, and the pants arrived in great condition. I'd recommend her to anyone!

      Thank you so much for everything! :daisy: