Feedback For Daidd0214

Sep 8, 2016

    1. Leave feedback for me if I "bought from or sold to" :dance
      Thank You
    2. I bought a Guu Doll body from Daidd0214. The transaction and the shipping were very fast. The body was packed bullet proof and was in a very good quality, just like in the pictures. I was very pleased with this transaction and would recommend and buy from this seller again ☺️
    3. i bought a AngelStudio XiShi from daidd0214
      great communication and fast shipping ^-^
      recommended seller
      wrapped her so well and shipped her fast :D
    4. Just received a Spiritdoll Elegance body from daidd0214. It was packaged very, very safely, shipped fast, and the transaction was very smooth.

      I would recommend this seller. :)
    5. Daidd0214 have bought Yotenshi Yuki from me and it was a smooth transaction from the start till the end. Fast payment and really easy to communicate with.

      I'm very satisfied to have Daidd0214 as a buyer and know that Yuki is in good hands with a great owner now :)
    6. I sold Crobidoll B line body to Daidd0214. It was a quick, splendid and wonderful transaction. Prompt payment and very very nice communication.
      I really recommended Daidd0214 as a buyer and would not hesitate to deal with Daidd0214 again.
      Thank you so much again for everything !! :)
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    7. David purchased a Minifee Celine from me and was genuine and quick to send payment.
      Thank you for the smooth transaction!
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    8. Daidd0214 purchased a f60 cygne fullset from me. All payments were prompt, communication was always friendly and I was notified as soon as the cygne arrived.
      Thank you for a very smooth and pleasant transaction.
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    9. Daidd0214 bought Ringdoll Alice01 from me, communication was easy and pleasant, prompt payment.
      I would definitely be delighted to have the chance to do business with him again in the future.
      Thank you for a nice and smooth transaction =)
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    10. I purchased a Feeple60 Juri19 head from David. He was very responsive, very quick to ship her out and also packed her beautifully and so well! Would gladly do business with again <3. Thank you!!!
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    11. I purchased a Resinsoul 70cm boy's body from daidd0214. He was shipped in a really quick timeframe and packed super securely. Very happy! :D
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    12. daidd0214 bought a Little Monica body from me with a layaway plan.
      He has fast payment in deposit. Also, the layaway payment is paid on schedule.
      We have smooth, pleasant transaction and he have fast payment.
      Highly Recommended!!
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    13. I have purchased a DiO2 doll from Daidd0214. He was so nice, fast shipment. Everything was smooth and pleasant I highly recommend him!
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    14. I bought a Ringdoll Alice01 from Daidd0214 - transaction went super smooth, very nice to talk to, always quick to respond and very kind as well. I can only recommend Daidd0214, and would love to buy from again! :cheer
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    15. I purchased a distant memory jaeii from @daidd0214, the transaction was smooth, and he is very patient and friendly throughout the conversation.

      The doll came well packed and same as described. Thank you!

      Highly recommend and would purchase again!
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    16. I bought a Ringdoll K head from @daidd0214 and the communication was very good, the head arrived quickly, and it was very well packaged!
      I would happily buy from again :)
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    17. I purchased a Soom Lami from David. He shipped really quickly and the doll was packed extremely well, as well as being in like-new condition. I would love to do business with him again. Thank you so much!
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    18. hi hopefully I’m doing this right? But I purchased an Angell-Studio SD girl from him, and she just come today- and I have to say she’s perfect! He shipped quickly, and was happy to answer any questions I may have had! Overall this was a very positive experience so thank you once again!! I highly recommend this seller!
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    19. I finished a successful deal with daidd0214. I've experienced great communication and transaction with daidd0214. The payment and messages were fast as well. And let me know immediately when the package arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business again. Thank you so much:daisy
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    20. Bought a fullset doll that was shipped unstrung to save on shipping costs. the doll parts and entire box was wrapped in bubble wrap meticulously. the DHL shipping method he used was very quick which was appreciated. I know he has some personal issues that he's going through, but he still was responsive and shipped the doll in a timely manner. Would do business with again.
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