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Feedback for DaiShi_Kaze

Jul 12, 2011

    1. Hey~

      This is for any transactions I made. I mostly buy, so please leave your feedback for me. :)
    2. I made two sets for DaiShi_Kaze. She was very friendly and helpful. Everything went smoothly. I absolutely recommend her!

      Thank you so much! :chocoberry
    3. Ayase001 bought DOT Duncan head from me~ A Great buyer~!!! Excellent communication~ :) Thanks!!!
    4. I sold some shorts to DaiShi_Kaze. The transaction was perfect~ She paid quickly, and let me know when the package got to her! I'd happily sell to her again~ Thank you! Enjoy the shorts. :3
    5. DaiShi_Kaze bought a Dollheart half-skirt from me. Communication was excellent, payment was prompt. A pleasure to work with. ^_^
    6. DaiShi_Kaze purchased a Soom Supergem shirt from me. The transaction went very smoothly as she paid right away and had excellent communication from the time she bought the shirt to the time it arrived at her house. ^^ Would definitely do business with again! Thanks so much for the wonderful transaction! :D
    7. DaiShi_Kaze bought two custom made hats from me as part of a full set commission. Reliable buyer with quick and friendly communication. I would be happy to work for her again. Most recommended.
      Thank you very much.
    8. Daishi bought a SD sized shirt from me. Payment was fast, communication was perfect, overall a great transaction. Thank you again!
    9. She bought a dress from me, payment was very fast, and she's really polite! <3 Thanks very much! :D
    10. DaiShi_Kaze purchased a pair of Soom hooves from me. Communication was prompt and polite and payment was super fast. Great transaction. ^_^
    11. I sold a jacket to DaiShi_Kaze and it had been such a wonderful transaction. Lovely buyer; fast payment and very friendly. Even informed me once the package arrives to her and she left feedback so quickly! Highly recommend her and would not hesitate to do future transactions with her!
    12. DaiShi_Kaze bought 2 SD hoodies from me and the transaction was smooth! Paid promptly, was clear and notified me once the items were received :3 would gladly do business again!
    13. DaiShi_Kaze purchased a shirt from me. Everything was great, like always. Thank you very much!
    14. DaiShi_Kaze bought a Soom Aloa centaur body from me and they were great to deal with! Communication was great and quick, payment was sent promptly as well. They also informed me when the body arrived. Thank you for a great transaction!
    15. DaiShi_Kaze was searching for an IOS Maru and she purchased my boy. Very smooth transaction with good communication and quick payment. She was a pleasure to deal with and I would do so again!
    16. DaiShi_Kaze bought a Little Monica body from me. Great communication all the time and prompt payment, wonderful transaction. Dai also let me know as soon as the parcel arrived and left feedback.
      I would gladly do business with her again ^^ Thank you so much!

      DaiShi_Kaze purchased a CH Ange Ai Pepe from me. Fast payment, good communication, and she let me know when the doll arrived. I recommend her as a buyer. Thanks! ^.^
    18. I splitted a Soom Aloa Elf with DaiShi. She was looking for the head and I wanted the body. Everything went just perfect, she was always very friendly and patient and let me know when the head arrived. Great transaction! Thanks again.
    19. I made two sets for DaiShi_Kaze. She was kind and helpful! :) Everything went smoothly! :goldstar :goldstar :goldstar

      Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    20. I bought a soul doll Chu head from her and he is beautiful. She gave me eyes and putty for him:) she also left me a womderful note in the box! I will definitely buy from her again if she is selling what I'm looking for.