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Feedback for DajmDumle

Dec 16, 2010

    1. Dajm doesn't have a feedback thread, so I am starting one for her. She bought my cupid head, wig, and eyes. It was a pleasant and smooth transaction. She is very nice to talk to and pays right away. Thanks so much!
    2. Djam bougth me a Angel Fantasy Autum head, she was very patient, responds to PM´s very quickly and she´s very friendly. At the payment She made it quickly and right away.

      Strongly recommended! Thank you so much!!!!
    3. DajmDumle bought a JID body from me and was very pleasant to deal with! She paid in a timely manner and let me know when the item arrived. Thanks!
    4. I bought a girl's body AOD. Everything perfect, wonderful comunición, lightning fast payment is made. She is a'll be pleased and it is a real pleasure to deal with it. 100% recommended.
    5. DajmDumle purchased a Dolkot body and doll stand from me, She paid quickly and let me know when the item arrived. She was a pleasure to deal with and I would gladly do business with her again! :)
    6. DajmDumle purchased a DiM Jullis head from me and everything went perfectly :) Communication and payment were prompt and she kindly let me know when she recieved the package. Highly recommended!
    7. DajmDumle bought a Fairyland Shiwoo Head from me ....Really nice contact!!!! Prompt payment!!!!! Great!!!
    8. Did a trade with DjamDumle and it was a perfect transaction.
      She shipped the head out on the agreed date, it arrived super fast and was exactly as described.
      Throughout the whole transaction the communication was excellent and I'd gladly deal with her again!
    9. DajmDumie brought a body from me, very fast payment, very good buyer!
    10. DajmDumle sold me a soulkid body: wonderful transaction, everything perfect. hihgly recommended!
    11. I just bought a CH ai ange and everything went very smoothy.
    12. I bought a Mayu doll of Souldoll from DajmDumle, she is a lovely seller and shipped my item very fast, also in pristine condition. She is a wonderful person to work with and would happily do so again^^

      Thank you very much for everything dear *big hug*
    13. I commissioned a dress from DajmDumle. She was great about updates and questions to make sure she made it exactly as I wanted. The item was shipped swiftly and safely. All together a great transaction, I'm very pleased!
    14. Sorry, I know I'm a bit late with this one - she bought an Orientdoll Joong Cheon head from me, then later the matching body. She always pays instantly, is very friendly and lets me know when they have arrived.

      Always a perfect transaction, I would gladly do business with DajmDumle again :)
    15. Dajm bought a MNF A-line body from me and it was a great transaction throughout. Wonderful communication, ultra-fast payment - would do business with her again in a flash! Thanks very much!
    16. Dajm bought a LTF Ante fp from me and it was a pleasure.
      Great communication! I would do business with her again! Thankies ^^
    17. She bought Narea from me. She's great buyer, very kind and very patient person. Thank you so much for great transaction
    18. I bought a Custom House head from Dajm. Shipping was super fast and communication wonderful. I loved the head, too, it was perfect. Thanks so much. Cheryl
    19. I commisioned and bought a dress by DajmDumle.
      There is not enough words in the dictionary to express her talant. Her clothing is wonderful and very detailed. Great communication, fast shipping and good packing. I would recomend her to anyone!
    20. I sold a Luts small bust body to DajmDumle, and it was a pleasant and easy trasaction! I appreciated how fast she paid and how nice she was! Highly recommended to do business with!