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Feedback for Dali

Jun 20, 2010

    1. Feedback thread for Dali :)

      thanks for posting

    2. Thank you for your clothing purchase! Payment was prompt, communication was quick, and the overall transaction a smooth one.

      Enjoy! ♥

    3. Dali was very sweet and an awesome buyer <3 Quick payment, very enjoyable to talk to, and just a very good person to sell to! Thanks again!!!
    4. Dali purchased some puki clothes from me and the entire transaction was great! Thanks!
    5. Dali brought some MSD shoes from me. She was fast with payment. Wonderful communications. Would not mind doing business with again. Thanks!
    6. Dali purchased a Puki Pipi faceplate from me. Payment was fast, communication was great and she even sent me a photo of how Pipi looks now! Recommend!
    7. LOL - Dali also purchased (in a separate transaction) a Cupid multihead from me. As before - fast payment and great communication!
    8. Dali bought a dollmore eve Mio head from me. She paid promptly, and let me know as soon as it arrived. =^i^= A pleasure to work with, and I'd be happy to do business with her again anytime :)
    9. Dali bought a set of 3 Puki Rococo chairs from me. Payment was extremely fast and communication was excellent. All in all a terrific transaction. Thanks!
    10. dali bought a wig from me she paid quickly and was very plesent i recommend this buyer 100%
    11. I sold 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of eyes to Dali. She paid quickly and let me know when everything arrived safely. Would definitely transact with again, thanks so much! :)
    12. I sold an IOS Anos head to Dali. Everything went very smoothly. I would happily do business with Dali again!
    13. Dali bought two sets of eyes rom me...oh..in April or something?? They've been missing for this long, but Dali was kind enough to to patiently wait and was def. less stressed about the situation than I was. Thanks for your kindness ^-^
    14. Dali purchased a MiniFee head from me and we had a great transaction from start to finish. Great sense of communication and swift payment - what more could one ask for in a transaction? I'd do business with her again without hesitation.

      &#9829;][ Thank you for your purchase!!
      Your business is much appreciated!! ][&#9829; ​
    15. Dali commissioned me to make a Clint Eastwood outfit for her Super Gem boy. She was great to work with, communication always excellent.
      Thanks so much for such a pleasant transaction.