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Feedback for dallabat

Jun 30, 2007

    1. Here's a nice little feedback thread for all of you lovely people to leave *hopefully* positive comments on me!

      Thank you so much to anyone/everyone who posts here!
    2. I had a wonderful transaction with dallabat :D

      dallabat was so polite, friendly and trustworthy. She is a great buyer.
      Thank you very much, dallabat :) I highly recommend you :aheartbea
    3. im so late in this but traded with dallabat she kept communication up, her end of the trade was packaged professionally and shipped quick
    4. dallabat did a trade with me, her hid for my hoo. My Hid came in perfect condition. She was excellent with communication.
    5. I did a trade with Dallabat, her tanned Hoo for my NS Hoo. We both gave each other some extras, it was a great trade with great communication and fast shipping! It was certainly a pleasure! I'd love to work with her again!
    6. LONG over due! I traded my Bambicrony Lotti for her BG Ymir. SOOOO glad I did! Wonderful woman to work with and I love the doll to death. Thanks again!
    7. i sold SD wig to dallabat.
      everything was smooth and perfect~
      Thank you!
    8. I bought a Bambicrony Lotti Elf on layaway from dallabat. She was great! She responded promply to my PMs, let me know when a payment was received, and answered all my questions. The doll arrived VERY well packed with lots of extras. I would be happy to do business with her again!
    9. dallabat bought my Bobobie Apollo on the shortest layaway in history! I was paid quickly and informed when he arrived! I most highly recommend you do business with dallabat!;)
    10. Sold a luts wig to dallabat and its a wonderful transaction. She replied pms very friendly and paid quickly. Great buyer! Thank you again~
    11. dallabat bought a Luts wig from me. She paid promptly and had great communication. Would be happy to do business with her again!
    12. Join my GO - No problems, would recommend as seller/buyer!
    13. Dallabat participated in my Licht GO. Everything went smooth and perfect with our transaction! I only can recommend her! :)