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Feedback for dambuster01

Jul 10, 2008

    1. I just had a wonderful transaction with dambuster01!:fangirl:
      We traded our dolls!
      Sharon is such a kind and friendly person,we had very nice conversation.She shipped the doll immediately with a lot of cute clothes and a cute selfmade Jeans!!I am very happy about this trade!:D
      Thank you very much,Sharon!
    2. I have just recieved a pair of lati jeans by dambuster01 and they are absolutely perfect! So cute and tidey and reeeally detailed!

      She made them super fast and kept me up to date with messages pictures, even told me options I didn't know about to better suit my little girl, such as changing the colour of the threading and rivets to make them better!

      She's lovely to talk to too, we had a nice conversation and had one big thing in common XD

      Over all, totallyy 110% happy X3 Thank you!
    3. Dambuster01 commissioned a faceup for her sist. She was a complete pleasure to work with. So friendly and wonderful with her instructions. She confirmed the moment the faceplate arrived back. SUPER DUPER person to deal with and I can safely recommend.

      Many thanks again Dambuste :)

    4. Recently bought a Elfdoll Lydia from Dambuster01. Doll arrived well packed and was just she had described. A really conscientous and diligent seller. A really lovely person too!
    5. I just commissioned a bespoke outfit for my OD SO vamp and I couldn't be happier. She was attentive to what I wanted, lightening quick to produce it and the result is spectacular. Amazing attention to detail (and I'm a real detail freak so it takes a lot to impress me!). I will definitely be buying from her again.
    6. madammaumau recommended and I have to agree 100% !! I asked Dambuster01 if she could make for me a pair of denim 3/4 length turnup jeans and a denim skirt for my SD10 girl, Her communication was great, items were made very fast and posted fast, I sent pics and they are nearly identical in minature, I have to say the 2 items of clothing are amazing, the detail is brilliant and I love them both and im so so pleased, I highly recommend Dambuster01 and I will def be back for more comm work.

      Thanks you so much, will pop pics up as soon as can.
    7. Here is the bespoke outfit that dambuster01 made for my SO vampire. It looks exactly like the sketch I sent her. Spectacular!

    8. Miyeena says thanks for her skirt and 3/4 Jeans, i'll be back for more comm, hope thats ok lol

    9. I was looking for a doll and dambuster01 contact me .
      I bought to her a Custom House Little Junior Hades. She makes me a great price, She send the doll very quickly and really well packaged, and she include eyes , wig and littles white clothes .
      The communication was perfect !! Thank you very much for all !
    10. I ordered more clothes for my SO Dong and, again, dambuster01 was astounding. She worked quickly, kept great comms and the results...well! I ordered a straitjacket (yes, I know...) and sent her a photograph. This was the result.


      And to understand the true awesomeness of that feat, here is the reference photo I sent her.


      Wow! She also made a wonderful French maid's apron and lots of other lovely bits.


      She is amazing!
    11. Thanks MadamMauMau, it was a pleasure doing business with you!
      And your little Bosch looks absolutely amazing in his outfits!!!! Thanks for sharing.
    12. Sharon bought a doll off me, paid straight away, and kept in touch throughout the shipping period, letting me know as soon as she'd received the doll. Thanks Sharon for being a wonderful buyer, will be very happy to buy or sell from you in the future :)
    13. Sharon made me a pair of Lati Sp. jeans ^_^ I am OVER the moon with them! So cute! And she got them finished and shipped out super fast too ^^ I especially loved the preview pics before they were sent. So sweet!
    14. Sharon made me a pair of jeans for my Petite Ai. They are so cute and perfect; thanks so much!
    15. I bought a Lovely Elfdoll Anthony faceplate from her. She sent it very fast, and was very concerned about it coming safe and sound. She's a lovely person and a great seller!!!!
    16. I did an exchange with Sharon. I sent her a wig and she sent me some handmade pants for my Banji boy. They are PERFECT! Thank you! :)
    17. I commissioned two outfits from Sharon for a Lati White SP, and she was able to plan and produce the outfits in an amazingly short period of time! The details on both outfits are amazingly well done, and I couldn't be happier!

      Absolutely amazing work! :)

      Especially this:

    18. These faboo outfits were designed by our lovely Sharon. I would highly recommend her. She's wonderfully efficient and a sweetheart to boot! Three cheers for Sharon in Spain!!
    19. Sharon made a demin skirt and jacket for my 43cm Narae. She was very sweet and friendly and she did an awsome job. It's very very beautiful and very very well made. I was actually surprised at how fast she was to finish it too.

      It was a real pleasure to work with Sharon and I can't recomend her enough. It's very likely that I will order other things from her at some point. :)

    20. amazing work, brilliant shipping, I cant say a bad thing about dambuster01, I love her work and her attention to detail is superb.

      and she knows I will be back again