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Feedback for DanceCat

Feb 6, 2009

    1. I am starting to purchase and plan to become quite active on Den of Angels forum and Marketplace.
      The time has finally come for me to happily start this thread. :kitty1

      Thank you for doing business with me.

    2. I sold a Johnny Depp Minimee head to DanceCat~ Communication is great and payment was fast. Great to do business with, thank you!
    3. DanceCat just purchased an SD Head from me and the process went perfectly. I highly recommend her! Fast pay and super communication.
      Thanks DanceCat!
    4. Dancecat just bought a Spinel head from me and she was a pleasure to do "business" with..and very friendly. I highly recommend her!
    5. DanceCat purchased a body from me. She paid promptly and let me know as soon as it arrived.
    6. DanceCat bought a hello kitty shirt from me, she paid quickly and was lovely to do business with, thanks! :chocoberry
    7. DanceCat bought an item from me and it was flawless and very pleasant. Thanks:)
    8. Sold an MSD vampire jacket to Dancecat. Payment was prompt and she understood when I couldnt get it out until after the holidays and alerted me when she received it
      A+++ buyer
      Thanks so much
    9. I sold SD dress to her. Great buyer, fast payment and wonderful communication! A total pleasure!
    10. DanceCat bought two wigs from me and was a super friendly and quick paying buyer, I'd gladly do business again, thanks hon!
    11. DanceCat participated in a Dollmore GO I ran. Payment was always prompt and communication was friendly. Thanks so much for helping the GO be a success! ^^
    12. Great buyer. Great communication and prompt payment. Very enjoyable to speak with. And she let me know when the doll arrived, which was most appreciated. Great person and a great buyer!
    13. I sold to DanceCat :) Her PM replies were very fast and she was very friendly.
      She also paid promptly. I will do businesses with DanceCat anytime!
    14. DanceCat was in my Tata group order. She was very patient and paid promptly and her communication was fantastic, what anyone would want for in a GO participant. Thanks so much DanceCat!
    15. DanceCat bought a soom body from me. It was a great experience working with her XD
      She replied pm very friendly and paid promptly. She also let me know when item arrived.
      Highly recommended!
    16. DanceCat purchased a pair of pink corduroy pants from me. She asked smart questions before the purchase, paid promptly and let me know as soon as they'd arrived via PM and feedback. A great experience. Thanks!
    17. I sold a MNF boy body to DanceCat and she was wonderful to work with! She was very easy to communicate with and paid when she said she was going to. I would definately recomend DanceCat as a buyer:D
    18. DanceCat bought a MSD sized dress from me. She paid very promptly, was quick with her responses, and was all around a great buyer. Definitely would do business with her again. :)
    19. DanceCat was very sweet and friendly to talk with, and paid right away! I'd be delighted to buy/sell with her again! :>)
    20. ~Positive~
      I sold a Yosd jumper to DanceCat. She paid promptly and let me know when it arrived. Thank you DanceCat for a pleasant transaction. ^__^