Feedback for Dandelion_Wish

Mar 27, 2018

    1. I’ve bought and sold from various people so thought I should post a feed back page. =^_^=
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    2. Good feedback

      I purchased fist ringdoll hands from @Dandelion_Wish

      They were selling a full doll and I noticed they had the option fist hands so I braved and ask and they were willing to sell them to me for the original price. Super happy with the find the hands were in perfection condition. They came neatly wrapped and secure in a box and I couldn't be happier! Would totally recommend buying/selling with them!
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    3. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10/10 :thumbup

      Purchased a Pygmalion Ha Head in Sand Beige from Dandelion Wish! Excellent communication and prompt shipping. Would recommend as a seller and buy again from them. :)
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    4. Thanks so much Dandelion!
      I love my little ninon:sumomo:I recieved her in awesome condition and a perfect addition to my growing lillycat family! Thanks again
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    5. I bought a Ringdoll Lucifer from Dandelion_Wish and everything was great. She always reached out to me first to let me know when she received my payments, shipped on a really short notice with a really sudden deadline, and was always available for communication when I had a question or needed to tell her something. She is one to best, easiest people I've ever bought from after 13 years in the hobby, and I'd gladly do business with her agin.

      Thank you so much for helping me get one of my dream dolls!!
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    6. I sold a smartdoll hijab to Dandelion_Wish. She was very pleasant, great communication, quick responses and paid immediately. Thank you!! Would highly recommend. :)
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    7. Positive! I sold/ traded a Pygmalion Ha to Dandelion_Wish for an ATStudio Head + Cash. She was very nice, super communicative, and paid quickly. We traded in person and it was a great experience. I would sell and trade with her anytime! Definitely recommended. Thank you!
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    8. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10/10 :thumbup

      @Dandelion_Wish purchased a lot of mixed MSD Lot Clothes from me. Prompt payment. Fine communication. Let me know the arrival of goods. Would sell to again. :)
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    9. I've bought a beautiful tan pygmalion Ha from @Dandelion_Wish. They let me do a layaway for the doll and afterwards, they went and beyond to find a good shipping price from 3 different shipping companies before shipping out the doll. The package arrived nicely packed and the doll in great condition. They were super nice, communicative and I would 100% recommend and would do business with them again!

      Thank you so much for letting me have this beautiful boy~~