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Feedback for Daniel Falls

Sep 11, 2006

    1. If you have bought or sold anything to me, then I would appreciate your feedback in this thread. Thank you very much!
    2. Daniel Falls had bought a few things from me now and has always been a pleasure to deal with! ^___^
    3. -recieved a milk+honey northstar jacket second hand and it was in great condition, and there were festive autumn leaves in the envelope :)
      -great communication and i got change back!
      -would buy from again
    4. Daniel Falls is a great seller. Responsive. Quick. Very professional to work with. The outfit was just as promised and arrived promptly.
    5. Daniel Falls is absolutely wonderful to deal with, I cannot recommend him enough. I participated in his Dollsoom group order and he keeps great communication and ships very quickly. :daisy
    6. I participated in a group order that Daniel Falls orchestrated and it went smoothly. Very great person to deal with!
    7. Soom group order. - Item recived.

      Thank you! :daisy
    8. Sold Daniel Falls some sales items and the transaction was so friendly and gracious ^^ A pleasure.
    9. Daniel is an excellent seller and very trustworthy. He ran several group orders in which I participated in, and he was always so polite in every PM. A definite pleasure to work with!
    10. Daniel Falls ordered a doll for me under special circumstances and was wonderful throughout the whole deal. He's so nice to work with and kept me updated on everything. I highly recommend him as a good seller. :)
    11. Was in the SOOM group order with Daniel Falls, even though there were a few bumps in the road with SOOM, Daniel kept up all informed and the order went really well! :D
    12. Purchased a Lati K body from Daniel - he was very communicative and professional. The body is perfect and Daniel added his extra touch of the little autumn leaves sprinkled in the box. Very nice to deal with!
    13. Bought a wig fromt his person. :D Shipped on time and package arrived in greta condition. My wig looks lovely, thank you!
    14. I bought a pair of boots, and I was very happy with communication and the item. Thanks!
    15. I've just gotten two wonderful sets of eyes from this excellent seller, and was delighted with the whole transaction.

      (I also discovered the autum leaves in my envelope! With half a baseball team of elves here they will be going to VERY good use!)
    16. I had a great transaction with Daniel. He was very prompt to pay and responded quickly and nicely in PMs.

      Thanks! :)
    17. He is a sincere and honest person and I recommend him highly. I would never hesitate to buy or sell to him again. A+++++++
    18. Daniel Falls did an AE group order with me. It was a very smooth transaction and he is a totally trustworthy person. Do not hesitate to buy or sell to Daniel!! Thanks again!!
    19. was just in a group order with Daniel Falls. totally awesome to deal with. fast shipping. A+++
    20. Great seller, good communication & honest and nice items too! Certainly would be happy to buy from again :D

      p.s. Oh, and even refunded me when shipping was cheaper than expected!!