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Feedback for danny35

Aug 16, 2008

    1. danny35 bought a Dollzone 1/4 Feilian girl from me. The transaction went extremely smoothly and I couldn't be happier. He even directed me to pictures of her at her new home!! :)

      I would do business again anytime, thanks so much!! :celebrate
    2. I purchased a MSD Sakura girl from Danny35. I have to say I was a bit surprised that she wasn't packaged better, but she arrived safe and sound all the same. Communication was excellent, responses were speedy, she looked in person how she looked in the sales thread pix, and he was quite friendly and helpful, and quick about getting back to me when I had a question. Shipment was prompt, she was insured, and he got me the tracking number without a problem. No major complaints on my end. I would happily transact with Danny35 again anytime. Overall, I'm quite satisfied. This was a pleasant, easy transaction and went very well. A- :)
    3. I sold danny35 4 pairs of acrylic eyes. She was easy to work with and sent me a fast payment. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much! :)
    4. Danny35 commisioned 2 faceups from me, and we are in the process of commissioning another^^
      He responds to PMs quickly and is very friendly. He sent payment quickly too.
      He was even understanding when I told him one of his faceups would be late because I had finals^^
      He's great to do buisness with~!
    5. I did a trade with danny35 for a SD Soo head. It was shipped quickly and in great condition! ^^ Highly recommended.
    6. Danny35 bought a DZ Orlando from me. The transaction went wonderfully. ^-^
    7. danny35 traded my DZ boy body for his DZ girl body! Package arrived quickly, carefully packed, and strung!
      Thank you!
    8. I purchased a Dollfie Dream Body and two heads from Danny35. Those i received well packaged and they arrived in perfect condition. I had great communication with him, he answered quickly to all questions. The body and heads were the same as the pics. Shipment was prompt, and i received the tracking number. Highly recommended!!! A really pleasant transaction.
    9. I traded DZ Cherry head for a new DZ MSD Aimi head. It was a fantastic trade, well communicated, quick turnaround and I think we're both very pleased! Thanks so much!!

      DMM :kitty2
    10. I traded my Soom Romantic Dimo for danny35's MNF Soo mod. The open eye mod is very well done. The shipping was was prompt and communication was clear. I couldn't have asked for a better transaction. :)
    11. I purchased a AoD Rao head from danny35 and while I wasn't expecting an oldstyle head, I love the face up enough to compensate for it. ^__^ Excellent transaction.
    12. Did my first ever transaction with danny35, also, for my first bjd, a minifee ShuShu. LOVELY person, fast, and delightful. Highly recommended, and am so very very happy T^T I cannot thank you enough~! *sobbles~!*
    13. I adopted DD Rei Ayanami from Danny35! He was very reasonable, so kind and a great person to deal with! I highly recommend him. She was packaged well and arrived safe and sound. Danny35 was great with layaway options and I could not be happy to FINALLY have Rei here ^.^
    14. Danny bought some of my clothes ^^ , made a payment so fast !!!!
      GREAT to do business with ^^
    15. danny35 bought some doll clothes from me, everything went great! :)
    16. Yesterday I contacted Danny about their ad in the marketplace where they were willing to trade up to 4 dolls for another one. I asked about buying them instead of trading, so they could just purchase the doll they wanted instead.

      We spent about a half a day sending PMs back and forth and reached an agreement. I sent a PayPal payment. After it was sent, I received a PM from Danny saying: "I'll have everything packed and shipped to you on tuesday. Thanks again. You helped me out alot."

      Today I received a notification from PayPal of a refund with a seller's note saying: "Sorry I am unable to finish this transaction. Thank you for your time."

      I'm disappointed because I was looking forward to the dolls and feel like my time has been wasted. Plus now my $600 is tied up with PayPal on "temporary hold" for the next 5 days because it was a bank transfer.

    17. I did a trade with danny35. :) He was very friendly and fun to work with. My doll arrived nicely packaged and in great condition! He was also so nice as to include some clothing, wigs, and a lovely pair of shoes! Thank you so much!
    18. Danny35 Purchased a Dollzone Yuu from me, and couldn't have been more of a charm to work with! They were quick with payment and polite as ever! A++ Buyer, I would totally recommend!
    19. I sold a Spiritdoll Jade to Danny35 by layaway and the payment was paid in advance,Thanks so much for your great communication and fast payment~