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Feedback for DarkRegrets

Nov 21, 2007

    1. If you have any sort of transaction with me, please leave a comment.^^
    2. Dark Regrets just purchased a doll from me. She communicated clearly, and paid quickly. What a joy to deal with! I'd certainly do business with her again.

    3. Darkregrets bough Luts riche set off me.. Was a dream to deal with and amazing communication ^^.
      Would definatly love to sell to her again :D
      Recommended to all sellers! :D

      Thanks so much and hope you enjoy the outfit :)
    4. DarkRegert commissioned me for a doll portrait. She is really friendly and great to work with ^^
    5. DarkRegert bought some outfits from me~and make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^
      she is very friendly and soo great to deal with~~
    6. DarkRegrets bought doll outfits from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    7. DarkRegrets bought a doll from me, it was the easiet and smoothest transaction! Payment and communication were easy and fast. I'd deffinatly do business again!
    8. DarkRegrets bought my Lavender Fer set and paid fast. She asked questions before making offer and was willing to help anyway she could do this right. Lovely person to deal with.
    9. DarkRegrets recently bought my BC Kumi. We were able to do the transaction in person :). A very polite and friendly person, no issues with payment, and overall the best doll sale I have so far ever done. Would definitely do business with her again!
    10. DarkRegrets bought a Rosen Lied outfit from me. She was very prompt with payment and had great communication.
      I would definitely do business with her again! ^^
    11. DarkRegrets bought a set of DOD outfit from me. The transation went smoothly. She is wonderful to deal with. Super-fast payment and friendly communication.
      She also lets me know when the package arrives.
      Thank you so much!^^
    12. DarkRegrets bought a soom sg body from me. Very pleasant to deal with, fas payment, very friendly communication. would definitely do business with her again, she's an excellent buyer. ^^
    13. DarkRegrets bought a Heliot Head from me. She was very friendly with prompt communication and was patient during my busy time.

      Thank you for being a great buyer~!
    14. A while back I sold a Soom Cass dress to DarkRegrets and the transaction was great! I definitely recommend her as a buyer.

      And I apologize for taking so long to leave feedback.
    15. I sold DarkRegrets Chalco's mask. It was a flawless transaction. Highly recommended. =^i^= Thanks so much! :D
    16. Fast payment and a very nice person. thanks from buying from me!!
    17. DarkRegrets purchased an outfit from me and it was a very smooth, easy transaction. Friendly, prompt pm's and quick payment. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. Thank you!
    18. Darkregrets bought my chalco horns. she paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with thankx!!
    19. Thanks for letting me know item arrived safe & sound~~ Glad you like & can use the hands~~enjoy always !!! ^_^ !!!
    20. Darkregrets bought my Unoa Lusis and she's wonderful to deal with. Very cheerful and quick with payment. Thank you for letting me know she got there safe and sound too! Enjoy her!