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Feedback for DarkStar

Jul 21, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback here if we have had a Marketplace transaction!
    2. Darkstar bought my sweet little BonBon. It was a wonderful and smooth transaction. I would definitely do business with Darkstar again!
    3. she's really a good buyer, thank you very much ^^
    4. DarkStar is a fantastical buyer, thank you so much deary!!! (and you get one million extra points for your knowledge of Harpo Marx!)
    5. DarkStar was in my captain jack minimee order. She paid on time, gave feedback on the cast when needed. Let me know when the head arrived. Pleasure to deal with.
    6. dark was in my tilda swinton minimee GO, and was a real treat to work with! she payed promptly and kept great communication... id be happy to deal with her again, and i reccomend everyone else does too :D
    7. DarkStar bought a 1/3 DBDOLL from me.The transaction was very smooth!.She paid quickly and very friendly.Thank you very much!Hope to see you again!
    8. DarkStar purchased the CCC Deer and Issa set. She was very easy to work with, paid fast, smooth transaction. Thank you so much.
    9. DarkStar was a member of my MNM group order. They were great to deal with, fast with payment and wrote me whenever they need clarification etc. I hope our doll paths cross again!
    10. Darkstar how now opened her home to a little blue centaur! Wonderful buyer, very quick in responses, payment, and I am so glad she's got him! thank you m'dear!
    11. Darkstar - it was a true pleasure chatting with you and doing business with you, I would do so again in a heartbeat!!!
    12. I sold a POPO DOLL 68cm body to DarkStar.She is very very kindly and lovely.^^The transaction was easy and perfect. I would love to do business with her again.^^ Thank you very much.
    13. DarkStar bought a Latidoll Aida from me back in January and I'm just now catching up with feedback. However, don't let that give you pause because she was a wonderful buyer and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again!
    14. DarkStar commissioned me to paint her Garden of Dolls Nabiya. I so enjoyed working with her, it was really a lot of fun! I would definitely be the first to recommend her most highly to everyone...
    15. You are very very good buyer , your kindness,friendship and praise really encourage me to keep working for the whole doll world ,and let me deeply feel the trust ,friendship ,kindness during our transaction . I am a glass doll eyes manufacturer , I enjoy the praise from you after my hard work,to be honest , I am really willing to work for you again and try to do my best to make the top quality and service for the wonderful doll world .to let all of us to feel the trust and friendship between the people and make the happyness for each other are more important than the money , and feel our work are meaningful and life are really happy . Any requirements including the special requirement which no people can do ,please feel free to contact me .
      thank you again!
      Your friend :Lu ​
    16. I bought a Domuya Alpha the Werewolf head from DarkStar. She was super nice to buy from, and I enjoyed chatting while waiting for the head to arrive (which was super fast!). I would definitely buy from her again. Highly recommend!
    17. I sold doll clothing to DarkStar. She was awesome, prompt payment, and great communitcation. I recommend her highly! :)
    18. Bought a Leeke Richard from Darkstar. Perfect transaction! Great and friendly communication, resulting in prompt dispatch and a perfectly minty head.
      Thank you again,
    19. Darkstar bought a Dollti doll from me. Payment was prompt, communication was friendly (we chatted quite a bit while waiting for the doll to arrive) and she let me know as soon as the doll came. I would definately recommend dealing with her. Thanks again! :)
    20. DarkStar sold me a Domuya body. She sent it out immediately after I paid, it arrived in perfect condition, and she was a pleasure to talk to, as well!