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Feedback for Darkwind

Sep 21, 2011

    1. This is my feedback thread; please post here following any transactions with me :fangirl:
    2. I have the pleasure of being Darkwinds first DoA transaction! :)
      I sold some pukipuki clothes to Darkwind recently, and she was lovely to deal with. Prompt and friendly PMs, and fast payment. Also, she took the time to let me know when the package had arrived, complete with photostory of her little pukis clothes parcel opening. So cute!
      A pleasure. I would recommend to anyone. - Thanks Brenda!
    3. I recently sold a pukipuki piki plate to Darkwind. She was again excellent to deal with, - I put the plate on hold for her for a short while, and she kept me up to date with where she was at the whole time. Then, again she took the time to PM me when the plate arrived with her to let me know it was safe and sound :)
      I would happily deal with her again. Thanks again Brenda :)
    4. I just bought a Puki MH from Darkwind. She was the perfect person to do a transaction with. Her responses were timely, she shipped out quickly, and she followed up with me to make sure I recieved. She gets 5 starts and 3 thumbs up!

    5. Darkwind commissioned some Pukipuki clothing items from me. Payment was on time and communication was great. I really enjoyed making everything for her and she was always so friendly in everything she said. Thanks again, enjoy your pukis!
    6. I sold two Pukipuki faceplates to Darkwind and it was a wonderful transaction. She was super friendly, great at communicating, paid super fast, and let me know when the package arrived.

      Thanks Brenda :)
    7. Darkwind purchased several items of YoSD clothing from me. She was friendly, communicative and paid promptly. Thank you for a lovely transaction. :)
    8. I had a great transaction with Darkwind! Great communication, super fast payment, friendly mails, could not ask for better!

      Highly recommended! Thank you very much <3 :)
    9. Darkwind commissioned me to hot glue suede her littlefee, she sat near by and learned as I worked and asked some good questions! She also bought some eyes from me, swapping out a couple different pairs until we found the right size. I'm glad I could help put her little girl together and I hope to do more work for you in the future!
    10. Darkwind ordered a custom fur wig from me and was delightful to work with! She was great at communicating the details of her custom design (we exchanged a bunch of pm's to make sure we had everything planned out perfectly), as well as quick with payment and quick to let me know when the wig arrived safely. I'd be happy to work with her again, anytime!

      Thanks again for a great transaction! ^_^
    11. I sold some YoSD clothing to Darkwind. A very pleasant buyer who paid very quickly for the items. I was notified as soon as the package arrived. I would gladly sell to Darkwind again and would happily recommend to all on DoA. Thanks very much for a perfect transaction! :thumbup
    12. Good morning!

      I'd like to say that Darwind was a pleasure to deal with. I bought a Pukipuki Cupid faceplate of of her and it went very smoothly! She even too time to answer my newbie questions. ;-). I hope to deal with her again!
    13. Bought an MSD shirt from Darkwind. Excellent communication, fast shipping & all around nice person to work with. I give her an A+++!
    14. I always enjoy transactions with Darkwind. Just a very nice person, great communication and easy to deal with.

      Thank you Brenda
    15. Purchased some MSD clothing from Darkwind, a pleasure to buy from, and the outfit is wonderful. Thank you again!
    16. Purchased a tiny wig from Darkwind. Very good communication, fast shipping, and good product. Could not as for a better transaction. Thank you!
    17. Thank you for friendly communication and quick payment! You are welcome anytime again! :):daisy
    18. Darkwind purchased a few pairs of pukipuki shoes from me, and it was a great transaction! Prompt payment, great communication, and she was very understanding when my son's illness delayed the shipping. She let me know when they arrived, and was a great buyer all-around!

      I'd certainly do business with her again in the future!
    19. Darkwind bought a pair of boots from me. Quick payment and wonderful communication. Thank you!
    20. I sold a shirt/arm warmer set to Darkwind and everything went perfectly! All communication was prompt, payment was super fast, and I was notified right away when the package arrived. Would definitely sell to again! Thank you!