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Feedback for darthmermer

Jul 12, 2008

    1. Well, I didn't see any feedback for her so I guess I will start one.

      She bought a pair of white resin DoD bunny ears from me, She paid instantly with paypal, was very kind and quick with her replies. I would definitely do business with her again! Thankyou!
    2. darthmermer bought a doll from me, and everything went smoothly. Payment was quick and communication was good.

      Thank you ^_^
    3. darthmermer purchased a DoT wig from me. Communication was amazing and payment was warp speed; I would definitely recommend darthmermer as a buyer.
    4. darthmermer just bought a puki faceplate from me. It was a good transaction, no problems. ^^

      Thank you very much.
    5. She bought a puki wig from me. Paid quickly, and was overall great to deal with. Thank you so much~!
    6. Darthmermer purchased a doll from me. She paid promptly and was very nice to work with. I would happily do business with her again.
    7. darthmermer bought an Asleep Eidolon Jia head from me.
      Later, I also purchased a Pukisha set from them.
      Both transactions were quick and wonderful!
      Thanks so much!
    8. i bought 2 doll heads from darthmermer and they arrived quickly. A++ transaction
    9. I bought a dress from darthmeremr. Excellent communication, prompt answers to my questions, and had no problem getting me additional pictures of the item when I inquired about it. Shipping was super fast. Everything was marvelous. Thank you very much and I hope to do business with you again sometime. :D
    10. I bought a yukata from Darthmermer on Wednesday, and it arrived today. She answered my questions, the shipping was very fast, and the item is well-made and looks even better than it did in the photos. Thank you! :D
    11. I bought some yukata from Darthmermer, communication was great, and the yukata are lovely! Thanks from the whole crew!
    12. i bought a custom puki pompadour wig from her and it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it. she was so awesome with the whole thing. :) she pmed about my wtb thread and made the wig and styled it. :) it is pure awesome. pics to come when i get camera
    13. I traded a pair of eyes for a size 3-4 wig from her. The wig is sooooo cute, my BB Elfkin Ceril loves it. Shipping was fast and she is a pleasure to deal with. I will definetly do buisness with her again.:)
    14. DMM Purchased two dolls from me as well as traded an outfit for part of the price. She paid promptly and mailed the outfit super fast and it arrived equally fast! I would recommend transactions with her! It was a pleasure doing business with her and she has fantastic communication skills! :D
    15. I purchased a puki-sized rabbit fur wig from darthmermer, and it was an excellent transaction. Communication was breezy, payment simple, and it got her super fast! It was a pleasure doing business with her. :)
    16. I bought a pukisha blue baby outfit from darthmermer and she was a pleasure to work with. ^ ^ She shipped quickly and kept great communication with me. Definitely recommended as a seller. Thanks much!
    17. Another wonderful transaction with Darthmermer!

      Kokoro loves her THIS much!
    18. I just bought a bbb ns isabella from her on wednesday and she came today! shes in excellent condition. communication was great and I got what I wanted! thanks so much Darthmermer!
    19. i sold some doll clothes to darthmermer, paid immediately, highly recommended
    20. I got the most amazing Gaara Eyes he is so happy to have them thank you so much! best seller! perfect eyes!