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.:Feedback for Daughter_of_Hades:.

Jan 24, 2012

    1. Starting a thread for my transactions here on DoA~!
    2. I sold an MSD outfit to Daughter_of_Hades and it turned out great! She was wounderful, sweet, and understanding. The payment was fast and she kept me up dated with everything. I would love to sell to her again!
    3. Positive feedback!

      I've sold an MSD carrier bag to Daughter_of_Hades. Everything went smoothly, the communication was great! I can just recommend her! ^^
    4. Daughter_of_Hades bought a KDF Cherry from me! She paid on time, was clear communication wise and we kept in contact all the way. I'm really glad she loves him and I'd totally do business with her again :B
    5. I just sold a Volks outfit to Daughter_of_Hades on layaway, and she was wonderful to work with. She stayed in communication, paid everything off right on schedule, and was pleasant the whole way. I would definitely sell to her again!
    6. I sold laptop prop to Daughter_of_Hades. She was great with communication and prompt with payment. Would love to do business again. Recommended buyer!
    7. Daughter_of_Hades purchased a custom ordered wig from my shop~ Wonderful customer~ she had a little trouble paypal due to timing. BUt always kept me up to date on when the payment will be sent! She's Also VERY patient when my work was interfering with the commission. Thank you for that~

      recommend to anyone!!
    8. Daughter_of_Hades purchased a head dress & necklace from me- her payment was fast and communication excellent- I would be very happy to sell to her again & recommend her as a buyer :) Thanks so much!
    9. Daughter_of_Hades bought a Violet Fern dress from me on a short layaway. Everything went great, communication was wonderful, I really enjoyed chatting with her. She let me know when the dress arrived safely and payments were prompt. I would not hesitate to deal with her again! Thank you.
    10. Daughter_of_Hades participated in my Luts Group order and was great to work with. She was very patient in waiting for her doll; she also let me know when her doll got to her and shared pictures! Highly recommended, and I'm happily work with her again.
    11. She bought an outfit from me. A lovely transaction!
    12. Daughter_of_Hades adopted my iple Tania. A very nice and polite buyer. Had a wonderful transaction with her. Thank you for adopting her and gave her a good home.
    13. Daughter_of_Hades bought fantasy dress from me, and it was nice and smooth transaction!
    14. Daughter_of_Hades bought a pair of Soom Chrom fantasy hands from me.
      Payment was prompt and all communication friendly and polite, she informed me when the hands arrived at her home too.
      Would do business again :)
    15. Daughter_of_Hades purchased two SD17 coats from me. The short layaway went through smoothly and communications were great too!! I had to delayed the shipping due to some personal reason, and she has being very understanding and kind through the process. Thank you again for wonderful transaction and will definitely do business again! :))))))
    16. Daughter_of_Hades bought a pair of boots from me. Paid quickly and let me know when they arrived. Would highly recommend and love to deal with again! Thank you :)
    17. Daughter_of_Hades purchased a SD wig from me. Super friendly with texts, paid quickly and updates me when the package arrived. All in all a sweet buyer. Highly recommended! :daisy