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Feedback for DaughterofEden

Oct 15, 2011

    1. And away we go...

      My adventures begin, and I hope every interaction will be absolutely delightful for us all.
      But if you experience any disappointment or any problem, please allow me to do all possible to set it straight.

    2. No problem here! I sold a head to DaughterofEden and she paid quickly. Promptly notified me she had received it, what else could you ask? I would recommend her to anyone here at DOA. Thanks for the great transaction!
    3. I sold a Luts event head to DaughterofEden. She paid promptly and was great about keeping up communication. Thanks again, I hope you like him :)
    4. I've a fabulous transaction with DaughterofEden, she adopted a Luts head from me, everything went prefect except one flaw on my part, I didn't mention in my FS post that the head cap had that infamous manufacturing ill fit from Luts. After she researched and asked a friend, everything turned out ok.
      :daisy Thank you Meliane for a wonderful transaction :daisy
    5. Awww...Gayle. You've been very encouraging and helpful all along. :goldstar

      Yeah, every time I receive something new, I ask myself if I would be comfortable sending it just as described or received at that moment. I wasn't sure about the head, and you worked with me kindly all the way. Good friendship in the blossoming stages.

      A sheath wig cap should be a perfect solution for any of the floppy fitting heads. :daisy

      Thanks. :)
    6. daughterofeden purchased a marion face plate from me and was a real pleasure to deal with - very friendly ^^
    7. I sold Unoa Marion headplate and head back to daughterofeden. She is kind and polite. Payment is promptly. Communication was good. Highly recommended :)
    8. Purchased one of my older dolls and was wonderful to sell to and chat with! :)
    9. Was always quick to respond to messages and was very prompt with payment. Highly recommended! :)
    10. Awesome transaction with DaughterofEden. She purchased my Delf El and couldn't have asked for a nicer person to adopt him! Thanks a bunch!
    11. DaughterofEden sold me a sleeping Chicline Lishe faceplate ^_^ She's a delight to converse with! Transaction went very smoothly! Would certainly buy from her again!
    12. Absolutely Wonderful.
      I bought a real puki soso and could not of asked for a better buying transaction, mel has been a delight to deal with :)
    13. i had a perfect transaction with DaughterofEden. she bought a DR head from me, paid promptly, and communication was great throughout. she even let me know the head arrived safely. great buyer!
    14. I joined an art swap where I was paired with DaughterofEden, she worked so hard on my piece and it was mailed well. great communication and an overall wonderful experience :)
    15. DaughterofEden bought a doll head from me. Great trascation with prompt payment, thanks!
    16. Just finished a very smooth and pleasant transaction with DaughterofEden.
      Thank you so very much!!
    17. Bought a doll from me. Paid fast and was super nice to talk to.
    18. I recently sold a Green Resinsoul Mu to DaughterofEden. She was a wonderful buyer! She paid promptly, was very polite, and kept lovely communication.

      Thank you so much for your purchase, I hope you enjoy him! :)
    19. I sold a pair of Unoa hands to DaughterofEden. Polite, friendly communication, prompt payment, an all-around perfect transaction. :) Thanks again!
    20. DaughterofEden purchased a K-doll Karon head from me! She paid promptly, was super friendly and all over a pleasure to deal with!