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Feedback for Davinerurinvega,Aoyuki_kitsune?( DOLLIRIUM AESTHETICA)

May 14, 2006

    1. Anybody thats bought or worked with/from us care to contribute?
    2. OHHH, I would! Dollirium jewerly is amazing! Great Quality, stunning beauty, and my girl looks 10 times better with it on!:blush They ship fast and are really nice, sincere people! I tell you all to buy jewerly from them! I would buy lots more, but i'm broke right now!*_* Oh, and go to their thread to look at my Artemis wearing their jewerly! Thanks!:)
    3. I recommend Dollirium to everyone~ They're really patient with my custom orders and I love every single piece that I ordered. They ship quickly and securely. Communication gets an A+, because they will keep in touch and reply to your PMs within a few hours (if not minutes XD). Also, they use materials with wonderful quality. Their jewelries are definitely worth the money.

      I'll have owner pictures soon, and I'll update this comment with a link to them by then ^_^
    4. I received two necklaces from Dollirium and they are very cute! I wanted a custom job and they did it wonderfully! I placed the order on the 22nd of June and it shipped the very next day!!

      The necklaces were well made and sent in careful packaging. Great communication throughout the whole process and very polite to deal with.

      A+ sellers all the way!!
    5. Aoyuki_kitsune put together a WONDERFUL group order from JollyPlus. Everything went smoothly and she was great about keeping us informed. Also! I have jewelry from Dollirium as well and it's just beautiful. Light blue with silvery drapes. It compliments a lot of the things my girl has.
    6. Awesome group order by Kit for Jolly Plus! totally organized, contact, and fun to read posts too! A lot of work for this group order. Many stars for her!
    7. my sis is certainly a ranter!! LOL

      Anyways, since I live in the same house, I can definately say alot went into this group order. She's detail obsessive,paranoid and completely flippy about things going right.......so....things went right LOL:dance sort of....shoes are on their way, so its all good!
    8. Just wanted to leave a quick note saying that aoyuki_kitsune was so wonderful for hosting this most recent Jollyplus Shoes group order, and I'll definitely be on board again! <3 She was honest, communicated nearly every day with updates, and my shoes arrived fast and in super shape! I absolutely adore them!

      Thanks again, aoyuki_kitsune! :)
    9. aoyuki_kitsune,did the JollyPlus order for me, and it was SO quick and easy.Thank you again!:)
    10. I participated in a group order run by aoyuki_kitsune, and everything went very well and smoothly! Thanks so much! ^^
    11. I had a wonderful transaction with Davine. Fast payment, great communication, and nice person to do business with.
    12. So happy to trade with you ^^ Nice buyer with fast payment ^^
      Thank you very much!!
    13. Excellent group order done by Aoyuki_kitsune--very quick shipping once the orders arrived from JollyPlus, everything arrived in tip-top shape. A definate asset! A+++++
    14. I, too, just received my items from the JollyPlus group order. Thanks to aoyuki_kitsune, who did an excellent job of organizing this! Well done! :)

    15. Just received my JollyPlus boots from aoyuki_kitsune, in perfect condition. Thanks so much!
    16. I was part of a GO that aoyuki_kitsune ran! She did a great job and I was very much pleased with everything! She kept us up to date and let us know exactly what was going down! Great for a newbie like me XD (this was my first GO that I joined and not ran myself)
    17. I want to thank Davinerurinvega for a Pleasant transaction. She Bought a limited edition Lati Aida head with default eyes from me! She showed interest from the start and was quick with payment. Thanks again, it was a joy to deal with you! :D
    18. Aoyuki_kitsune ran a jollyplus group order that went really smoothly and I was very pleased :D
    19. I bought a lovely necklace from her. The worksmanship is lovely! And the transaction went smoothly. I look foward to doing business with her again, and would recommend her to anyone!!!!! Thank you!!!! ^_^
    20. Aoyuki_kitsune bought a wig from me. Prompt payment and good communication made it a great transaction. Very enthusiastic buyer too! Will deal with again, no problem!

      Thank you! :daisy