Feedback for DayofDiana

Aug 21, 2020

    1. Please leave feedback for me below!! :XD:
    2. DayofDiana bought a Ringdoll Jade head from my Instagram post. They were such a dear and a pleasure with chat with. Prompt payment and easy transactions. They notified me when the head arrived. I definitely recommend doing business with DayofDiana/lambskinbride. Thank you!
    3. DayofDiana bought my Cookie Dango with help of the wonderful IoriDolls. Both were very facilitating and quick with the payment. Communication was excellent and I would gladly deal with them again! They let me know when the doll had arrived safely with them.

      Overall a very positive experience!
    4. @DayofDiana just purchased a Pecan Heartstrung Bulbi from me. Super friendly, sent payment as promised and let me know once her little one reached home. An absolutely wonderful transaction with a wonderful person. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again!!:love
    5. @DayofDiana purchased a Lost Chronicles BJD Shima head from me and was overall a joy to work with. They paid promptly and notified me that they’d be out of town upon the heads arrival but had a family member receive the package. They opened it and sent pictures to assure me that it arrived in great condition. Overall was an absolutely pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them! Wonderful and smooth transaction!