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Feedback for DBZVelena

Apr 20, 2007

    1. On the advice of a friend.
      I'm making this.
      I mostly a buyer here.
    2. yeay
      DbZVelena is awsome pawsome
      shes understanding cool and uber super nice!! I sold her a sd carrier bag and the tranny went smooth as whip cream
      <3 you can trust her ^_^
      <3 ceecee
    3. DBZVelena is a great buyer! We had a little bit of problem with the postal service but everything got resolved finally so it was a very pleasant transaction. Thank you again!
    4. I bought a pair of eyes from DBZVelena. They arrived SO fast! I'm very happy with them. DBZVelena is a good seller.
    5. I bought a pair of eyes from DBZVelena. She's a real sweetheart and so nice to deal with! Thanks hon!:)
    6. I bought a pair of acrylic eyes from DBZVelena, and they arrived REALLY fast!!

      Thanks so much <3
    7. I bought purple Dollmore eyes from DBZVelena, they are awesome! Nice and friendly service too. Thanks a load!
    8. DBZVelena bought a pair of SD13 boy shoes and a shirt from me and was very pleasant to do business with. Quick, easy communication, fast payment, and she let me know when the items arrived. Thank you very much. :3
    9. I sold an SD13 body to DBZVelena! Communication was great, and payment was prompt. Thank you! :D
    10. I sold a puki to DBZ Velena, she communicated very well and had the exact cash at hand.
    11. I sold DBZVelena a tiny sword for her girl. Hope she has a lot of fun with it.
      Communication was nice, payment fast and she told me the moment the sword arrived.
      Recomended buyer.