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Feedback for de-temps-en-temps

Nov 17, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback here if you've had a transaction with me! Thanks! ^^
    2. I sold a doll to de-temps-en-temps and it was a perfect transaction! She was very polite and sweet to talk to. Payment was prompt and she always kept well in contact and immediately informs me when she received him. Also I am thankful she has been patient when I could not ship him out right away. What a kind buyer and so understanding. Thank you so much!
    3. I sold a shirt and pair of undies to de-temps-en-temps. She was an awesome buyer! She paid super fast, and was very understanding when there was a minor delay with shipping. I'd sell to her again for sure!
    4. de-temps-en-temps bought a hoodie from me. Great communication and made quick payment, would definitely sell to again
    5. Just completed a perfect transaction with de-temps-en-temps who was polite, friendly, a quick payer and an awesome buyer! Thanks!
    6. I sold some clothing to de-temps-en-temps and it was a great transaction! Quick payment and great communication! Thanks again!!
    7. de-temps-en-temps bought some doll clothes from me. She was very friendly, communicative and quick to pay. It was a nice smooth transaction, a true pleasure. I'd be more than happy to deal with her again :)
    8. Sold de-temps-en-temps a couple clothing items and boots, the transaction was incredibly smooth. No problems at all, and would definately do business with her again =)
    9. de-temps-en-temps bought a Pukifee Zoe from me, was very wonderful to work with, she payment was very fast, and she let me know when he arrived. Thank you so much.
    10. Sold clothes to de-temps-en-temps and the transaction was perfect! Prompt in payment, and also informed me when the item reached her. Would do business with her again in a heartbeat! :aheartbea
    11. She bought me a Luts Wintery '09 head and she order me a make-up for this head. The transaction and all was perfect. Very kind and fast with the payment.
      Thanks for all dear!