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Feedback for Dead!

Mar 19, 2010

    1. Hey guys, if you've sold something to me/bought something from me, please leave a feedback here. ^^

      Thank you! :daisy:
    2. Dead! bought a black and white checkered shirt from me. she was really nice and friendly. a pleasant experience :D would recommand her ^^
    3. I commissioned Dead! for two fanart of my dolls and they turn out wonderful!
      communication was good and she was willing to change to my demands!
      A wonderful artist and worth every cent paid :)

      would love to commission more fanart in the future!
    4. I've commissioned Dead! for three fanarts of my BJDs and as expected I was not disappointed as she totally did a great job of putting life to them through her art. She is fast in her work and put effort in asking for details and even took note and apply the changes I wanted when she showed me the sketches. The end result was of quality and almost a steal with the prices she puts on them!

      Dead! is a great artist and an awesome friend, I would recommend her to anyone :aheartbea her art deserves more love!
    5. Sold a piece of jewelry (Obsidian Dreams) to her and she was a wonderful buyer! communication was fast and she was really friendly :D
    6. Dead! bought Migidoll Jina head from me.
      I am very happy with the transaction as Dead! was very patient (I needed time to ship the head to her because of consecutive Philippine holidays).
      Dead! was very understanding.
      An ideal buyer: sent payment promptly and waited patiently.
      I will be glad to do business with her again.