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Feedback for deadpixel

Jul 13, 2011

    1. Hi there, please post your honest feedback here for all transactions with me

    2. I sold a pair of eyes to deadpixel and she was great to deal with. She was friendly in her messages and prompt with payment. Would definately reccomend :)
    3. I brought two pairs of eyes from Deadpixel and they were really nice to deal with, friendly and prompt in sending out the goods. Would buy from them again.
    4. Deadpixel bought Luts event head from me. The transaction went very smoothly so I definitely reccomend her!!
    5. Deadpixel hosted a split that I partook in. She was very nice to deal with and kept me well informed of how things were coming along. Would definitely deal with her again.
    6. Deadpixel hosted a split that I took part in for a Ringdoll Kirin sword. Sword arrived very quickly, once she'd sent it to me - securely packed and in top condition. Perfect communication, too, kept us updated on the split at all times. I'd definitely join another split run by her again!
    7. deadpixel hosted a Ringdoll Kirin split that I got the clothes from. She was great at keeping us updated, and the clothes were packed well. A very pleasant transaction, and I would definitely deal with deadpixel again :).
    8. I took part in a Ringdoll Kirin split from deadpixel. I bought his backpack. She always keeped us informed, answered fast when there were questions and was overall a perfect split partner! I would love to recommend her!:D
    9. ​​​deadpixel​​​​​​ ​​bought two pair of tiny shoes from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt responses and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope your little ones like the shoes! :kitty2
    10. I bought a Dolllove Anona from Deadpixel and she was really nice and friendly to deal with and the doll was exactly as discribed.