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Feedback for Defectivegirl

Jun 13, 2007

    1. leave buy, sell, and trade feedback for Defectivegirl here!
      Please cut and paste the form below.
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      Positive: +3
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      Negative: -0

      What was bought/sold/traded
      Link to sale(if applicable):
      Feedback: Positive/neutral/negative
    2. What was bought/sold/traded: A blond MSD wig
      Feedback: Positive
      Comments: Very friendly. Paid promptly :)
    3. What was bought/sold/traded: Defectivegirl bought an MSD girl body from me
      Link to sale(if applicable): N/A
      Feedback: Positive
      Comments: Was communicative and the transaction went well. Would sell to again! :)
    4. What was bought/sold/traded: Defectivegirl bought a MSD Tsubaki head from me
      Feedback: Positive
      Comments: We did layaway and although a couple payments were paid to me a few days later than agreed to, she paid the amount in full a week before it was due. Very pleasant, prompt, and enjoyable to deal with. I'd sell to her again :)
    5. What was bought/sold/traded:Zoukeimura UV cut spray
      Link to sale(if applicable):http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=173217
      Feedback: Positive
      I had a very good transaction with Defectivegirl and would recommend her as a buyer. She's very polite, sends payment quickly and updates you to let you know the item arrived to her :)
    6. What was bought/sold/traded: Kate bought a Yder head from me~
      Feedback: Positive!
      Comments: Kate paid exactly when she said she would, and was very sweet when we talked. She would quickly respond to my PM's, and gave me no hassles.
      Thanks, so much! <3
    7. Super lovely buyer! Defectivegirl bought my Volks Mimi. She paid promptly and made every effort to keep the communication going despite the wobbliness of the PM machine. She let me know when the doll arrived right away and ...I think she rocks! Thank you!!!
    8. What was bought/sold/traded: FDoll Group Order
      Feedback: Positive
      Comments: Despite a number of problems with the order, defectivegirl has been very helpful. Her communication was a little slow, but she did always keep us informed when she had new information for us. Sadly, I had to pull out of the order at the last minute, but she was really understanding and I received my refund immediately and in full. As I say, there were a number of problems and hold-ups on the order, but I wouldn't hesitate to form another transaction with her despite this - I think she's been very tolerant ^___^

    9. What was bought/sold/traded: I bought a SD body pure skin
      Feedback: Positive
      Comments: Nice seller, very kind person!Everything is ok!!
    10. What was bought/sold/traded: Dollfie Dream Girl - bought from marketplace
      Feedback: Positive
      Comments: Such a sweetheart - very good communication, very open about layaway needs! A pleasure to work with, and would highly recommend!!! A++!

    11. She is so very helpful! I bought two project dolls from her for a very reasonable price, and she sent along some supplies to help me on my way to fixing them. I am very glad she was willing to let them go to me to keep me busy, and to do something I very much enjoy, which is restoration work. ^_^ Communication was excellent and shipping was prompt!
    12. what was bought : Chii ears
      Feedback: Negative
      Comments: I know she has been sick and that's contributed to the problems I have had with the transaction. and for the price I expected more. I also had to open a complaint with paypal at one point and had to have her paged here on this site. I am also waiting on a partial promised refund... all in all a very disappointing experience.
    13. What was bought/sold/traded: UH-08 doll I sold to her by layaway
      Feedback: Positive
      Comments: I held a layaway for her between February 2008 and August 2008. There were some delays because of she being sick but the transaction is now ended and I'm happy my boy has found a new home ^-^
    14. What was bought/sold/traded: WS Dollzone Recall head with Vitta Vera face-up
      Feedback: Positive!
      Comments: Kate is a wonderful buyer. She's very nice in PMs, kept in contact, and paid super fast. She's an absolute pleasure to work with, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction! <3
    15. What was bought/sold/traded: NS Soom Bix head
      Feedback: Positive!
      Comments: Very polite and concise in messages, shipped amazingly fast. She's an excellent seller and I'd buy from her again without hesitation.