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Feedback for DeliziahCK8

Apr 1, 2012

    1. Hi there, I would appreciate it if you can leave me a feedback here if we have done a transaction. Thank you.:D
    2. Positive feedback!

      Had a great transaction with deliziahck8. I did some work on a pair of doll hands for her, and she was a quick and responsive, communicative, sent payment on time, and very patient with me. I would recommend deliziahck8 as a buyer or commission client.
    3. DeliziahCK8 bought an MSD head from me. Everything was wonderful, communication was great, she paid quickly and let me know when it arrived. She was a pleasure to deal with!
      Thank you! ​
    4. DeliziahCK8 bought some MSD clothes from me. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks for a great transaction!
    5. DeliziahCK8 commissioned me to give her tiny a lip repair, and a msd pair of hands a french manicure. She was patient and easy to work with. Thanks very much for letting me do this for you!
    6. DeliziahCK8 bought a wig from me. Communication was good and the transaction went well and smooth. Definitely a great buyer, thanks again!
    7. DeliziahCk8 participated in my Dollmore GO and was super great through our dealings! Her payments were fast and our communication was clear in every transaction. Thanks again for being so easy to work with! :)
    8. Fixed a head for her. Everything went perfect!
    9. She was in my Leeke GO. Very lovely member and super quick with payments! I would gladly sell to her anyday
    10. I bought a Leeke Mabel on an AOD body from DeliziahCK8 and everything was great! Shipped quickly, answered all questions promptly -- couldn't have had a better transaction!
    11. I ran a GO that deliziahCK8 joined. She was great at every turn of the order, paid promptly, and remained in communication. She never gave me any cause to be concerned about her commitment to the order, or that she wasn't going to follow through. Thanks! Best of luck in the future!