Feedback for Demiurgo

Mar 1, 2017

    1. Feedback for Demiurgo
    2. Demiurgo bought a Another Secret Narcissus head from me. Communication was great. She asked a layaway for 2 payment and closed it quickly during 2,5 weeks. Demiurgo were kind enough to let me know when the package arrived. I would not hesitate to work with them again! Thank You! :kitty2
    3. Demiurgo bought me a dress, communication was great and she paid quickly, I highly recommend
    4. I bought a Souldoll Swinte head from Demiurgo, she was fast to reply to my questions and the deal went well great. Extremely good packaging, was very pleased all together!
    5. Demiurgo purchased a Ringdoll Carmilla head from me and the transaction was absolutely perfect! Demiurgo was very friendly and the communication was great, the payment arrived incredibly fast and I got to know when the package had arrived as well.

      I highly recommend Demiurgo! Thank you so much! :)
    6. Demiurgo purchased a dress from me.

      She was sweet, fiendly and responsive.

      Thank you dear for a great transaction - hope to do some more business in the future! *0*
    7. Demiurgo purchased a SD wig from me and she was a very sweet person to do business with; friendly PMs, quick payment and she let me know when she had received the wig in the mail^^ I would be happy to do business with Demiurgo again in the future ~~ thank you many times :kitty2
    8. Demiurgo purchased my Dollstown Elysia head. Really smooth and pleasant transaction. I would be happy to deal with Demiurgo again and can highly recommend :) WHY is my writing so big??? :ablink:
    9. I sold clothes to Demiurgo and it was a perfect transaction! She was friendly, replied quickly when I had questions, and told me as soon as she received the package! I recommend!! :daisy
    10. Demiurgo bought from me 2 Volks outfits for SD girls.
      The deal went well: friendly communication, fast payment, the buyer immediately informed about the arrival of the parcel.
      I was very glad to cooperate! Wonderful buyer! :3nodding:
    11. @Demiurgo purcahsed a volks outfit from me.
      The transaction was smooth and swift, payment was made promptly.
      She also kept in touch to let me know when the parcel arrived safely. thank you !
    12. Demiurgo bought a Nymphaerys Tale head from me: friendly conversations, prompt payment, everything tip top! :)
      ... until shipping that was out of our hands and took the scenic route (4 months to arrive from one country to the adjacent one). Demiurgo was a model of patience, thank you so much, because I was getting so worried that the head would never arrive, your patience lifted some of that stress from me. :D
      All is well that ends well, shipping had finally resumed and the head has arrived, yayyy!
      Thank you again, Demiurgo, and I wish you lots of happy dolly times!:hug:
    13. Demiurgo bought a Little Monica Chloe head form me. Communication was great and friendly. They were very patient when customs delayed the delivery of the package, probably because of COVID’s safety measures. But it arrived safely and all ended well. Thank you so much for your purchase! :)
    14. Demiurgi bought a Souldoll Zenith Liv head from me, everything worked out very well, I appreciate your business, thank you!:D