Feedback for Demiurgo

Mar 1, 2017

    1. Feedback for Demiurgo
    2. Demiurgo bought a Another Secret Narcissus head from me. Communication was great. She asked a layaway for 2 payment and closed it quickly during 2,5 weeks. Demiurgo were kind enough to let me know when the package arrived. I would not hesitate to work with them again! Thank You! :kitty2
    3. Demiurgo bought me a dress, communication was great and she paid quickly, I highly recommend
    4. I bought a Souldoll Swinte head from Demiurgo, she was fast to reply to my questions and the deal went well great. Extremely good packaging, was very pleased all together!
    5. Demiurgo purchased a Ringdoll Carmilla head from me and the transaction was absolutely perfect! Demiurgo was very friendly and the communication was great, the payment arrived incredibly fast and I got to know when the package had arrived as well.

      I highly recommend Demiurgo! Thank you so much! :)
    6. Demiurgo purchased a dress from me.

      She was sweet, fiendly and responsive.

      Thank you dear for a great transaction - hope to do some more business in the future! *0*
    7. Demiurgo purchased a SD wig from me and she was a very sweet person to do business with; friendly PMs, quick payment and she let me know when she had received the wig in the mail^^ I would be happy to do business with Demiurgo again in the future ~~ thank you many times :kitty2
    8. Demiurgo purchased my Dollstown Elysia head. Really smooth and pleasant transaction. I would be happy to deal with Demiurgo again and can highly recommend :) WHY is my writing so big??? :ablink:
    9. I sold clothes to Demiurgo and it was a perfect transaction! She was friendly, replied quickly when I had questions, and told me as soon as she received the package! I recommend!! :daisy
    10. Demiurgo bought from me 2 Volks outfits for SD girls.
      The deal went well: friendly communication, fast payment, the buyer immediately informed about the arrival of the parcel.
      I was very glad to cooperate! Wonderful buyer! :3nodding: