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Feedback for Demon-chan

Dec 5, 2008

    1. Hello all :lol:
      Please leave any feedback for me here ^_^
    2. I engaged in a transaction with demon-chan and it went smoothly and easily. Great buyer to deal with!
    3. Demon-chan was a part of my Soom Amber split. She was very fast with payment, and quick to respond to my PM's. It was a very pleasant transaction. I would gladly deal with again. :)
    4. Demon-chan participated in a Dolkot group order. She was incredibly patient and understanding when I made an error with shipping, and I'd recommend her to anybody who was thinking of dealing with her. Thank you, Demon-chan :)
    5. I bought a darling little puki from demon-chan and I can't speak highly enoough of our transaction! She was patient with my payment plan, prompt to respond to all my PMs and posted my dear little package the very next day after final payment (even though she was in the middle of moving house... now that's dolly love!). Ten out of ten rubber chickens!