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Feedback for Deni

Jun 17, 2009

    1. Thought i'd get my feedback thread ready as i plan to shop around <3

      Please leave feedback here~:whitetruffle
    2. Deni bought my DZ Xi from me. She's super nice, very friendly, paid on time, and is just overall a great person to deal with.<3 I'd have no problem selling to her in the future. :)

      Thanks for giving Dakota a good home~<3
    3. Deni purchased a doll from me, and the transaction was perfect! She stuck to her word 100%, paid quickly, and had excellent communication.
      A wonderful person to deal with! :)
    4. Deni commission me to do two for her dolls’ heads face-ups.
      But both completed on different time and date.

      1st head- AoD Boy Chi - 29.06.2009
      This is my first commission from her.
      She’s understandable and aware and the details I took her thought the face-up with frequent updates.

      2nd head – B&G Freya – 09.09.2009
      After the first commission she re-commissions me again, to do her B&G Ferya’s head.
      She fully understands and aware the procedure, I took her from the first head.
      Also she was very patience for me to complete Ferya’s face-up.

      Overall in both commission she a pleasure to deal with, and the payments went smoothly in both transactions.
      Thank you~ (^O^)/
    5. Deni bought a pair of DollHeart boots from me- and she was 100% wonderful to deal with!
      Thank you sooo much! :D
    6. Bought a DZ Shoyo head from me! Perfect buyer! would definitely do business again. :p
    7. This my third commission face-up with Deni.
      She is very trusting and understandable the process I go thought with her.
      She is a great pleasure to be working with her once again. (^3^)/
    8. I purchased some eyes and a foot from Deni. The transaction went perfectly, as Deni has been excellent about keeping in touch, letting me know my shipments progress.

      Deni was also kind enough to include some samples of her handmade clothing for MSD-sized BJDs. Her work is beautiful. I look forward to continueing to work with her.
    9. Deni purchased a Luts cloth body from me.Payment was very prompt,excellent communication and was patient despite a mixup in shipping date due to bank holiday.Thank you so much!
    10. Deni bought my DoD Homme Ducan. Our arrangement was purchase and partial trade on a 3-4 month layaway. She paid him off two months early, and was so fantastic to work with! She sent out her part of the trade, and it arrived, and though the conditions in which it arrived were technically no longer her problem, when the postal office damaged the package and sent it on empty, she promised to remake a number of items in lieu of this accident. A real doll to work with, I would most definitely sell to her again with no hesitation!

      Thanks so much deary, I can't wait to see him.
    11. Deni bought a SD-sized top from me. Communication and payment was prompt. I would be glad to do business with her again. ^_^
    12. Deni bought a wig from me :D Perfect buyer! Communicative, friendly and fast payment - also notified me when item arrived ^^ Thank you so much <3
    13. Deni purchased a wig from me. Fast payment, great communication, very much a recommended buyer. Thanks again!
    14. Deni brought some pants from me. Wonderful do deal with. Fast payment and great communications. I highly recommend. Thanks!!
    15. bought a soom ai head from transcation went somthly!
    16. deni purchased a Code No2 off me a few months ago and was very prompt with payments infact managed to pay off the layaway before the time we had set. I would gladdly do business with Deni again.
    17. Deni bought a Tender Shall from me on long layaway and she was a pleasure to deal with! : D Everything was on time and with no problems at all!
    18. Deni purchase a Unoa from me on short layaway and paid promplty and ahead of schedule , iirc..very nice person to do business with and chat with :)

      Thanks for giving her a good home : )
    19. I bought a DoD New Body-2 for boy from her.
      She's very nice, easy to talk and answers fast, a pleasure to deal with her! : D
      For sure i'd deal with her again!

      Thank you again~
    20. Deni bought my Heliot girl on a long term layaway, and was super awesome to deal with. The Payments were made within the time frame specified, and everything went smoothly. I recommend Deni and would not hesitate to enter in a transaction with her again. Thanks! :)