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Feedback for Designsforher

Nov 8, 2006

    1. Great buyer, really fast, thanks again ^^
    2. Thank you for the fast and smooth transaction. Recommended buyer.
    3. I bought one of my dream dolls that I never expected to find from Designsforher. She was really friendly and nice, good communication throughout and a wonderful transaction all around. Thank you SO much! :)
    4. Bought a doll from Jo and was perfectly pleased with the transaction. She's great to buy fomr, great communications,a nd fast shipping. Thanks, M
    5. WARNING!

      Oh yes, she's really nice when you buy from her, but be ware! She sells other people's work for twice or three times the price it should actually cost you!

    6. Purchased a doll from her according to the picture she posted and it was not the doll I received. The picture she showed me of the doll wasn't even hers to use!

      Beware when purchasing from her that you see ACTUAL PICTURES OF THE DOLL IN HER POSSESSION.
      I won one of her outfits in an auction back in February, at the time I didn't have my Unoa, so I let her take her time. She said her husband was having health problems so I left her alone. Now it's April, I have my Unoa...but still no outfit, no mail telling me what's taking so long, and she's still selling stuff. Her feedback seemed perfect so I didn't think I'd get scammed, but I have been, and it's been over 45 days so I can't file a fraud complaint with Paypal. NEGATIVE.

      Update : Turns out you can get a refund for up to 60 days, and I got mine exactly on the 60th day, I'm so happy. ^^ I'd never buy from her again, EVER. but at least she finally gave me my money back.
    8. Definitly a con artist,

      I have been trying to contact her for a while now and though she wrote to me, she sent the doll, she is saying to other people I didnt pay it off in time.

      I have proof she said she sent the doll to me. So, what the hell now is she telling people otherwise. ******* liar.