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Feedback for DevKimiko

Jan 15, 2008

    1. Since I'm going to be selling/buying in the future, I figure I better get one of these up. So if you've done any trading with me, if you could please leave some feedback it would be much appreciated :)

    2. DevKimiko bought some spare hands from me, she paid very fast and was a pleasure to do business with!

      Many thanks :aheartbea
    3. I bought a lovely necklace from kimiko. The quality and detail of the necklace is very, very nice! Communication was excellent and shipping was very quick. She is a very trustworthy, understanding and friendly seller and I highly recommend her. :)
    4. I purchased a set of bracelets from DevKimiko and was fortunate enough to be able to make use of the local pickup service she offers.

      DevKimiko was wonderful to talk with, professional and presented her work really well.

      Her jewelry is of a really high quality and I recommend it to everyone.

      I will be purchasing again soon. :P

    5. DevKimiko bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    6. Bought two bracelets, a necklace and a ring from DevKimiko.

      BRILLIANT quality, I'm always really happy with her work. Was really prompt with emails and was again happy to pickup in the Sydney CBD area. This is wonderfully convenient.

      I'm definitely going to be looking forward to DevKimiko bringing out some new work. :)
    7. DevKimiko made a custom opal ring for me and I absolutely adore it. It took a while for the comission (though I was in no rush, and said to take her time) and she said she felt bad for taking so long so she shipped it free. :)

      Wonderful to work with, and the ring was packaged very well.
    8. Bought two rings from DevKimiko, The rings are beautiful and she was a pleasure to deal with, couldn't have asked for a more pleasant transaction.
    9. I recently purchased an assortment of jewellery from DevKimiko,- ring, bracelets, earrings, necklace - and I can honestly say that each piece is a joy - absolutely beautiful and perfectly made with love and care.
      Everything was nicely packaged and well-packed for shipping.
      I will definitely be coming back for more!

      An extremely talented artist and a lovely considerate seller too.

    10. I bought a modified Lekke wig from DevKimiko. The communication was AWESOME! And it arrived in perfect condition, packaged wonderfully! I could not be happier! Thank you so much! Highly recommend!
    11. I bought a NS Ryu head from DevKimiko, and everything was perfect! She even offered to make a new faceup which just made everything perfect! She was very nice all the time and very sweet ^_^ Can only recommend her!
    12. I bought a doll from DevKimiko and she was wonderful to deal with very friendly communication. She did the best packing job I ever saw. She offered to make a new faceup which just made everything perfect. I would highly recommend her as a seller :D
    13. I commissioned three bracelets and ring and a toe ring from DevKimiko. Communication was great, and everything arrived beautifully packaged. I will definitely be coming back for more! :D
    14. I commissioned DevKimiko for a pair of rings and she was fabulous to deal with throughout the entire transaction. Her work is beautiful and the rings turned out exactly as we'd envisioned them. I couldn't be happier with the rings and I hope to be able to commission her again in the future. :)
    15. DevKimiko is a lovely buyer and was great to deal with.
      Great communication and fast payment. Thank you again. :XD:
    16. GREAT jewelry! Very nicely done! Fast shipping, and very pleasant to deal with! :)
    17. I was in a Dollmore GO organised by DevKimiko. It ran very smoothly and she kept us informed all the way. She even included some freebies! I would not hesitate to have a transaction with her again. Thanks!!!
    18. I participated in a GO DevKimiko ran - it was totally painless and my stuff arrived right on time and is soooo cool!! (Dollmore's first Pattern book) Thanks again and keep me posted on the next one yeah???
    19. Great buyer. Fast payment and easy to communciate with. Thank you.
    20. bought a pair of glass eyes from DevKimiko, deal with the transaction very fast and package was well protected and fast!!!